Week of October 19

We are in the home stretch with only three weeks left in football season.  This Friday we will be celebrating seniors before the game. On Saturday we will travel to Naples High School to perform at the CCPS Band Show.  The show starts at 7:00pm and will feature every Collier County high school band. On Saturday, October 30 we will be performing at Palmetto Ridge High School in the Florida Bandmaster Association’s Music Performance Assessment.  This event will also start at 7:00pm. We are scheduled to perform at 8:15pm for this event. 

Uniform Care – As a reminder, all students handle taking care of and cleaning their uniform. Uniforms can be machine washed on gentle cold cycle and hung to dry. Make sure you remove all items from your pockets before washing. 

Senior Night – October 22 is senior night. We will be recognizing seniors before this game. Parents are asked to report to the south end-zone at 6:00pm. In addition, we are asking for parents of non-senior students to sign up for this game so our senior parents can enjoy the game with their students. Tickets for this Friday’s game can be purchased through GoFan using the following link: https://gofan.co/app/events/340979?schoolId=FL16970

Uniform Information for Friday and Saturday – We will be in full uniform this Friday.  The uniform includes: the assigned jacket, pants, cape, and leg drape, long black socks, black band shoes, black gloves, black shorts, and this year’s band shirt. There will be a time in the stands where students are allowed to remove their jackets. Because we are going without hats this year, students whose hair touches their collars will need to pull their hair up into a bun. This includes ALL members of the ensemble.  

  • Friday we will be wearing our sponsorship show shirts 
  • Saturday we will be wearing our band shirts 

Food Pre-Orders for Friday – Students can pre–order this week again using the link below. This will be the only way for students to receive food during the game this week. Orders must be placed before 3:30pm and paid for before practice on Friday.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD7hT6AZ0RxUwx24Uor2K_zby05-S9SqPGUZFLXQRNg1_Zkg/viewform?usp=sf_link

CCPS Band Show – On October 23 we will travel to Naples High School to perform in the CCPS Band Show.  This show will feature all seven high schools performing their marching band show. Call time is 4:00pm. The show starts at 7:00pm and costs $7 to attend. Tickets may be purchased in advance using the link below.  https://gofan.co/app/events/417324?schoolId=FL13099 

Spirit Table – Parents who bought a car decal can now pick them up at the Spirit table on Friday Nights. We will also have this year’s show shirt available for purchase for $10. 

This Week 

  • Tuesday, October 19
    • 2:30pm-3:30pm – Sectionals for all flutes, clarinets, saxophones, and horns 
    • 6:00pm-8:15pm – Marching Rehearsal Full Ensemble 
  • Thursday, October 21 
    • 2:30pm-3:30pm – Sectionals for all trumpets, trombones, baritones, and tubas 
  • 6:00pm-8:15pm – Marching Rehearsal Full Ensemble 
  • Friday, October 22 
    • 5:30pm Call time – Home Football Game (Senior Night) 
  • Saturday, October 23 
    • 4:00pm Call time – CCPS Band Show at Naples High School 

Upcoming Events 

  • October 30 – FBA Marching Performance Assessment at Palmetto Ridge High School  
  • November 6 – Day trip to Disney 
  • November 11 – Fall Concert featuring Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band – GCH Auditorium at 7:00pm 
  • November 16 – CCPS Honor Band Auditions  
  • PRISM Week 
    • November 29 – PRISM Rehearsal 2:30-6:00pm 
    • November 30 – PRISM Rehearsal 2:30-6:00pm 
    • December 1 – PRISM Rehearsal 2:30-6:00pm 
    • December 2 – PRISM Concert – 7:00pm (6:30pm Call time) 
    • December 3 – In-School PRISM Performance – 10:00am 
    • December 3 – PRISM Concert – 7:00pm (6:30pm Call time) 
  • December 4 – Day trip to Universal Studios 
  • December 7 – Winter Concert featuring the Wind Ensemble and GCH Orchestra