Week of August 19, 2019 – 1 week down…

19 Aug

As the dust settles and the New Year shine starts to fade we start to get into the rhythm of the school year.  The kids continue to work very hard and I couldn’t be prouder of the dedication they are showing to this amazing program.  If you haven’t heard yet, our Wind Ensemble was selected to attend the Bands of America National Concert Band Festival in Indianapolis, IN this March.  This is a HUGE honor as they select 12 bands in the country to be a part of the “Invited Bands” portion of the event.

Last Friday was a night of firsts for many of our students.  First time loading the bus, first time under the stadium lights, first electronics malfunction.  We continue this week with our first home game and our first time in uniform.  I would encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the look of terror on all the first time marchers.  Enjoy being under the lights instead of the hot burning sun.  Enjoy the look of pride in the seniors’ eyes as they perform in their last first home game.  Most importantly, enjoy watching what we have created and how lives are being impacted. 

We are in need of many more volunteers this Friday for our first home game.  While we know everyone is very busy, the band can only work with everyone giving a little.  Please go tohttp://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities/ to sign-up to help.  Don’t forget that all volunteers must be registered through our new volunteer system, RAPTOR.  You will need to go tohttps://www.collierschools.com/volunteer and click on the big green button that says “volunteer application log-in.”  Once you apply you should receive an email that the district has received your application.  Once the district has approved your application you should receive a second email that will grant you the ability to create your password and portal log in.  If you have issues with the log-in process you can call 1-877-7RAPTOR to reset the password with a customer support rep.  Please note that the directions that are on the website reflect the old program and not the new one and are incorrect.

This week:

·         Tuesday, August 20, 2019

o   6:00pm-8:15pm – After-school marching practice

·         Thursday, August 22, 2019

o   6:00pm-8:15pm – After-school marching practice (wear your black band shirt)

·         Friday, August 23, 2019

o   Coupon Book Money is due – All books not returned by Friday, August 23rd will be charged to student accounts.

o   Disney Money is due. Cost will be $130.  Annual Pass holders cost is $35 plus a copy of your annual pass.  The trip is scheduled for October 12, 2019.  Money can be turned into the Bait Box.

o   6:00pmCall time – Home Football Game vs. Golden Gate HS (we will be in uniform)

Justin Goff
Director of Bands
Gulf Coast High School
7878 Shark Way | Naples, FL 34119
239.377.3591 | goffj@collierschools.com