Latest Update

26 Oct

Sorry for the delay Folks! I know you’re wondering what’s happening….here you go:

This Saturday, October 27th, is Marching Performance Assessment (MPA) at Barron Collier High School stadium.  Admission to the stadium is $7, free parking.  There will be 20 bands performing at the event beginning at 2p and culminating with the GCHS Marching Band at 815p. You can come for all or part of this outdoor stadium band event (a band performs about every 20 minutes). All money collected from this event goes to support our middle and high school band programs in Collier and Lee counties.  Each band is adjudicated bye a panel of FBA judges and will earn ratings in marching, music, general effect, percussion, and flag/dance. If you missed the CCPS Band Show last Saturday, don’t miss this event!!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t lead with info about tomorrow night for the seniors. Well, it’s because I don’t have any new info. But don’t despair. Your seniors know all they need to know. I will say, traditionally, parents dress up; but the forecast is a high of 85 tomorrow…so consider that in your choice of clothing.

**STUDENTS: today’s practice is happening. Is your band t-shirt clean? There won’t be any band moms in the uniform room to lend them out! And you know, no band t-shirt = no practice = NO MARCHING AT THE GAME!**

Next Friday, November 2nd, will be the LAST GAME. It’s away at Golden Gate HS.

**BUT don’t think things with band will slow down!!!  We have PRISM right around the corner!!!**

Volunteer sign ups are on the site ( We have spots for TONIGHT’s JV football game!  We just need 2people there. But if you look further down the page, you’ll see that there are spots forMPA’s on Saturday, spot for next week’s away game, and spots for PRISM rehearsals and performances! Don’t sit on the fence! Come play with us! If you don’t know what you’re doing, just ask! ALSO, if you are considering working concession later in the year, remember that you need to work a VARSITY game first! There are only 2 of those left! Working concession for those other games will bring you $$$ in your band account!! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!! Go sign up on the site!

Did you get some great pictures from last week’s shows? Did you send them to our historians?? Here’s their email again!  I saw some great ones on Facebook and Instagram! I’ve attached one from PJ Obrecht of our drum majors Dallas, Blake and Mackenna.

Debbie Borowski

Corresponding Secretary