Band Update 11/13/18

13 Nov

Hi Everyone!

Are you knee deep in Prism? The kids sure are! Can’t wait to see the performance!
Did you get tickets yet? If you haven’t, we will be selling them under the flagpole before and after practices today through Thursday. You will need to know WHICH SHOW you are going to (Friday or Saturday) not just whether it’s matinee or not. The tickets are specific by day and time. Theevening performances are $10 each. The daytime performance tickets are $7 each.

You know that a show this elaborate has lots of moving parts (people, instruments, props, baked goods, baskets). So we still need a bit of help to make sure all of those parts get to the right spots. Please, if you haven’t already, take some time to lend a hand. Here is the link to the sign up site. We still need bakers, helpers through the week, but especially helpers on Saturday night. Surely you ALL aren’t going to watch the show on Saturday night? Can’t you come to be behind the scenes so that those who have been behind the scenes all week can be out front to see the performance? Right now we only have 2 people signed up to help on Saturday night.

If you do sign up to be a baker, remember to wrap your goodies individually to sell for $1 per package.  Please bring your goodies before the show you signed up for, to the auditorium lobby. You might not have realized it if you already signed up, but there are sign-up spots for all three shows. We like to sell goodies at all the shows.

Also, don’t forget to look for the silent auction baskets created by the band sections. It’s NOT TOO EARLY to be thinking about holiday gift giving! If you win a few baskets, you could be half done with your shopping! WHO KNOWS?!?!

Don’t forget about the meeting Thursday night! If you’re asking “what meeting??”, listen up! Is your child considering going to the Washington DC/Philadelphia Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Parade trip next year? This meeting is where you’re going to get the info you need to decide! Come to the auditorium Thursday, November 15th, at 7p. If you know of incoming 9th grader band members, they are invited too. Both students and parents are invited to attend.

Last thought, as you enjoy the shows this weekend, consider sending your pictures to the band historians before they get too far back in your phone! Here’s their email address:

Hope to see you at the shows!
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary