Band Update 10/29/18

30 Oct

Good Evening Everyone!

This email is coming at you EARLY in the week because we wanted you to know that there IS NO PRACTICE TOMORROW NIGHT (Tuesday)! What?  There’s a Tuesday night free? …or You Could practice your PRISM act!!
You could come to the Band Room because Cadence Music will be there from 6-8p (yes, the same time we usually practice) with “the area’s largest selection of Solo & Ensemble Music, step-up and professional level instruments, mouthpieces, and accessories! You can try it before you buy it and ask all the questions you need to” of the Great People from Cadence!

Thursday is marching practice in FULL UNIFORM – YES! Wear All Your Stuff like it’s a Friday Game! We will be creating a professional recording of the show as well as taking still-shots of the band and sections.

Friday is our last game. It’s AWAY at Golden Gate HS. You’ll need to come with all of your stuff again! Do a load on Thursday night! Chaperone call time is 5p. Student call time is 530p. We can still use some volunteers for this night. The kids still need water and supervision. If you have the time….this is the last one for a while…go to the site and sign up!

The following week of 11/4, there is practice both Tuesday and Thursday.

Monday: 230-5p
Tuesday:  230-6p
Wednesday: 230-6p
Thursday: 230-6p

Friday: In-School Concert – call time 9a
Evening Concert – call time 6p, concert starts at 7p

Saturday: Matinee – call time 130p, concert starts at 2p
Evening Concert – call time 630p, concert starts at 7p

***Prism rehearsals and concerts are one of those events that we need all hands on deck even if for just a little bit. If you’ll go to the website:
There are spots for helpers for the rehearsals on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th.

We also need bakers for the snacks we sell at each performance.There are spots for 109 people to bake something! Can you fill one of them??  Goodies should be packaged to sell for $1 each.

More importantly, we need helpers DURING the performances! If you are going to see one of the performances, please consider volunteering during one of the other 3. Someone was volunteering while you were enjoying.

Here’s the link to go to the site, we thank you in advance!***

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary