Update as of 10/11/18

14 Oct

Hello Everyone!

Even though there’s no game this week, there’s PLENTY of information for you!
Right Here though, we’d like to GIVE A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you all for your help this week. As always, it takes a village and you are our village!
For the next two Friday games (Palmetto and South Fort Myers), our band will be playing AFTER THE SHOW, not during half time. They are both home games with Senior Presentations during half time.
10/19 will be Cheer and Football seniors.
10/26 will be BAND SENIOR NIGHT!!
The Senior Night Festivities will be held pre-game.  All seniors need to use the following link to submit their script for Senior Night.  https://goo.gl/forms/aRfevBdN5GqbBcS23  This needs to be completed before Thursday, October 18th!! Don’t put it off!!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the next few events! Take a look and see if you can fill in a spot! Click the link: go to www.gchsharkband.com.
Don’t FORGET about the Volunteer Meeting next Tuesday, Oct 16th, at 630p in the band room. Come join us to get information on the upcoming Luau, PRISM, and the All American Football Tournament! The Luau will be FUN! PRISM will be awesome! And the Tournament will be an opportunity to make some $$$$!
You might be wondering about the CCPS Band Show on Oct 20th. If you haven’t been, YOU’VE GOT TO GO! You get to see all the Collier High School bands at ONE SHOW! We do come on last because we are the largest. But it’s worth the wait and you will be entertained the whole time!
EVENT: CCPS Band ShowTIME: Gates open: 530p, Performances start: 7pLOCATION: Palmetto Ridge HSDETAILS for Band Kids and Chaperones:
4:00pm – Call Time forChaperones

4:30pm – Call time for students and buses
5:00pm – Depart GCH to PRH
9:00pm – Depart PRH to GCH
9:30pm – Arrive GCH

INFO FOR PARENTS and other AUDIENCE: It costs $7. Tickets can ONLY be purchased at the show.

Also, originally you were told that the Universal payment was due on the 15th. Buuuuuut, there’s no school that day….so it’s due by the 16th…which is also an early release day. So, if you are taking a long weekend….you should get your money in ASAP (so you don’t forget) ..which is Friday, tomorrow!  Cost is $125 or $35 if you have an annual pass (of which you need to send in a copy).

Keep an eye on November when we switch from Marching practice to PRISM practice and DON’T MISS PRISM!! Haven’t heard of it? Never saw it? It’s a great showcase of the talent and personalities of our awesome band students! Don’t miss it! More info to come on this later!

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary


Update 10/6/18

6 Oct

Hello Everyone!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been busting their buns doing SO MUCH WORK!  You know who you are! And if it’s not you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  We need you! We want to see you!! Come on out!!
And hey, if your gloves have holes or you lost them, come by the uniform room, we’ll sell you a new pair for $5 or a used pair for $2! We even have socks for sale if you need them!
Next week, there is NO GAME. But there IS STILL PRACTICE on both Tuesday and Thursday!
AND, have you heard that there’s another trip?? UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!  WOo HoO! The trip is December 1st. But payment is DUE October 15th! Don’t be left out! The cost is $125.00.  You can send in checks to the Bait Box made out to GCHS Band Aid Club or go to the website if you want to pay by credit card. **Either way you pay, please note which student the payment is for**Remember if you pay on the site, a 3% charge is added for processing.
And Lastly, there are many volunteer opportunities coming up in the near future! But you had better sign up for the quickly! Our marching season is coming to a close very quickly! We are more than half finished! Did you get to work in concession yet? Did you ride the bus as a chaperone for an away game?  If you haven’t you’re truly missing out on some great times with some great people!  And seriously, if you haven’t been to a CCPS Band Show You’re MISSING OUT!! You get to see ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL BANDS IN ONE SITTING! And you don’t even have to see a football game! It is not to be missed!
Hope to see you soon!
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Band Update 9/25/18

26 Sep

Hello Everyone!

We want to start this off with a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE for their hard work to make Disney such an amazing trip! It was an 18+ hour day for anyone who traveled with the band! They had SO MUCH fun! And thank you to anyone who had to get up in the wee hours to transport someone to or from school. That wasn’t easy either!
This Friday is another AWAY GAME at Riverdale High School in Fort Myers.
If you plan to VOLUNTEER at this game, you will HAVE to SIGN UP on the website: www.gchsharkband.com. We are required to give them a list of the volunteers we are bringing.
Also any volunteers traveling to the Riverdale game MUST WEAR either a black band polo volunteer shirt or the black “Souled-Out” band t-shirt. Don’t forget your volunteer badge. If you are waiting for your new badge, see or email Davina Clark. To get your new one, you’ll need to turn in your old one.
AND volunteer call time is 430p. Band Kid call time is 5p.
If you purchased a car decal, they have come in. They can be picked up before practice on Thursday from Angie Plaisance in front of the band room.
SAVE THE DATE: October 16th, 630-730p. Band Parent Volunteer Meeting. We’ll see you there!
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Weekly Band Update 9/17/18

18 Sep

Hello Everyone!

Big shout out to everyone that came out and volunteered Friday night!  Without your assistance we would not be able to accomplish the things that we do.  Those little Sharkettes- “our future band students” were amazing and adorable. An additional big shout out to Heather Desrocher and Heather Roberts for coordinating those 150 adorable kids!

There is no band practice this Tuesday evening in observance of Yom Kippur. Yes, there is practice Thursday. **We had a lot of students need to borrow band t-shirts last Thursday. If you need to wear a t-shirt to practice, REMEMBER IT!**

This Friday, 9/21, is our first AWAY game. We are going to Estero High!

Students, your concession card won’t buy you anything there. You’ll need actual money. Also, on Friday, don’t forget your standard game-day stuff: band shoes, band t-shirt, long black socks, black shorts, and gloves or berets. You can borrow these things if you need them from the uniform room; but borrowing more than once means you need to BUY them!
Parents, you are welcome to go and see the game, but the kids have to ride the bus there and back.

We still need volunteers for AWAY games. We need chaperones for the buses, the stands and bathroom trips. Please go to the website to sign up.  http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/

Now on to what you have really been thinking about, Disney!! The trip is this Saturday, 9/22.

5:00am – Meet at GCHS Band Room. Wear your band t-shirt at all times during the day. Students must meet CCPS dress code while on this trip.
5:15am – Depart GCHS.
9:00am – Fun time in the park, students must stay in Magic Kingdom.
12:00pm – Meet at the Golden Oak Outpost (to the left of Splash Mountain). All phones/cameras should be put away!
1:30pm – Perform in the “Disney Festival of Fantasy” Pre-Parade
3:00pm – Fun time in the park, students must stay in Magic Kingdom.
8:00pm – Check-in at the busses. (You must leave the park before the fireworks)
12:00am – Arrive at GCHS

Bus Rules
Students must be in CCPS dress code. This includes:
1. Safe footwear must be worn at all times. No rubber flip-flops or bedroom slippers shall be worn.
2. Halter-tops, tube tops, short shorts, muscle shirts, midriff or backless shirts and blouses shall not be worn.
3. Costumes, sleepwear or other clothing/adornment that creates a distraction is not permitted.

  • No blankets on the bus for ANY reason.
  • Bring only school appropriate music to listen to. You must have headphones.
  • All movies must be pre-approved by Mr. G off.

Misc. Information
All students will need money for food in the park.
All GCHS Band rules and CCPS rules apply on this trip

Did you get the band apparel you ordered yet? If not, we still have a bunch in the uniform room. Your student can pick it up. They will need to sign for it after checking that the order is correctly sized and spelled. If you have questions, please contact Heather Desrocher at 239-784-4580.

Lastly, Brandon Casey is part of band leadership. He is the Historian. He was wondering if anyone had pictures they’d be willing to send him so that he can compile them for an end of the year slide show. You can send them to him at brandcasey22@gmail.com. He thanks you in advance!

**This email is still on “no reply”. Got a lot less bounces last week.
But you can contact me at my email below if you have questions.**
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Weekly band update 9/6/18

6 Sep

Hi Everone!

Just a few things on the information front this week:

SHARKETTES: This is a wonderful program that allows younger kids to perform on the field with the flag and dance students. We have over 60 girls signed up to perform and only a very few people who are signed up to help. Help is needed for two rehearsal nights and the night of the game. The rehearsal nights are Tuesday 9/11 and Thursday 9/13 from 430-6p. On the night of the game, we need help from 6-930p. With so many girls signed up, we really need more hands to help. Please sign up on the site at gchsharkband. The sign ups are in two different spots under volunteering. The rehearsals are together under their own title. The game is under the Varsity Game vs Naples. If you have any questions please contact Heather Desrocher or Heather Roberts at hddesrocher@comcast.net.

COUPON BOOKS: Do you still need to turn your books or money in? What in the heck are you waiting for?? Send it in! You can send it in to any of the moms in the Uniform Room. If there isn’t anyone there, deposit the money in the Bait Box. Might want to hold onto the books until someone can take them. They won’t fit in the Bait Box.

BANNER SALES: Easy Money!! That’s what it should be called! If you can get one business to advertise on a banner, your kid gets $100 in their band account! Get out there and sell, sell, sell! You’ll find the form attached to this email. So no excuses! Go ask someone tomorrow! Banner Submission Form

Friday’s Game is 8th Grade Night!: so this means that kids from our feeder middle schools who are in band come to play with OUR band ON THE FIELD! It’s super exciting for the 8th grade kids and their parents! Do you remember? We just wanted to remind you that it’s this week because there will be a lot of extra kids around. Now you’ll know why.

This week’s game is Homecoming!! Call Time is 530p for students, 5p for volunteers. Students remember your band shoes, long black socks, gloves and berets if you wear one! Flag and Dance, come prepared too! You’ve got earrings, tights and hair to remember!

Students, if you need to miss a game or practice (or other event), please remember to fill out the Band Absent/Late/Early Dismissal Request Form. Click those words to get to it on the site. This isn’t a guarantee you’ll be excused. It is your request to be excused. Remember to do the math problem at the end before you submit the form!

HOMECOMING SHOE CHECK: So, traditionally, the band makes some money by working at the Homecoming Dance and holding everyone’s shoes for a small fee. The girls start to check their shoes once they’ve been dancing a while. 🙂 We have two volunteers and are looking for two more to work this event. If you can do it, please email Daniel Stewart at gulfcoastbanddad@gmail.com and cc Lynette at gchs2018youngcoffey@gmail.com.

Now on to THANKS!
Thank you to everyone who came to the Band Booster Meeting on Tuesday night. We had a very nice turnout! We hope you enjoyed the people and the info. Did you win a prize?
We look forward to seeing you at the next general Band Booster Meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd at 7p in the Band Room. We’ll have reports from the Fundraising, Volunteer and Uniform Chairs.

Hope you have a great weekend! See you at the game!

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary