Band Update Week of 8/14/17

13 Aug

We survived and came out stronger!!! Band camp was a success!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the volunteers who took the time to be there for the band the past two weeks!!! We cannot do all we do if we didn’t have your support and it’s a great way to get to know the other parents, I know I had a great time getting to know you all (and seeing returning parents)!!! And a big shout out to all the volunteers who helped with the band picnic Saturday, set up crew, grillers and cleanup crew. Thank you so much for your support!!!

It’s back to school week and here’s what’s going on:

Tuesday 8/15- Band practice 6pm-8:15pm Please be on time and ready by 6pm. Coupon books- You can turn in money and books and/or check out more before or after practice this week and the following. Final day 8/25.

Wednesday 8/16-First day of school 8/16/1977 Elvis Presley passed away in Memphis, TN *Tidbit credit to Don Dombrowski

Thursday 8/17- Band practice 6pm-8:15pm Please be on time and ready by 6pm. Every Thursday practice Mr. Goff requires you wear your band shirt.

Friday 8/18 Away game vs. Immokalee Call time for volunteers is 4:30pm, band student call time is 5pm sharp. Due to awesome size of our band, Immokalee has asked that our students pre- purchase their meal for the game 8/18. Purchases can be made at practice this week. None will be sold during school.

Volunteers- We need a few more chaperones for the Immokalee game. Click on the link to sign up:

There are several spots needing to be filled for football games and concession clean up date, please visit the band website, and sign up

Also, every event is listed on the calendar on the website.

San Antonio: Next trip payment is due Sept 1st and is $150. Airfare total is $450. Payment 1 at $225 is due Oct 1st and payment 2 at $225 is due Nov 1st . Copy of state issued driver’s license or passport due by Oct.1st .

“Jailhouse Rock” is a song written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller that first became a hit for Elvis Presley. RCA Victor released the song on a 45 rpm single on September 24, 1957, to coincide with the release of Presley’s motion picture, Jailhouse Rock.

Carolyn Bradtmiller
Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club
Corresponding Secretary

Band News Year of Elvis

11 Aug

There’s just 1.5 days left in band camp!!  Time flies when you’re having fun!!  It’s crunch time to get the new marching show ready to go, please show up on time, eat a good breakfast and hydrate.  You need to be out there listening to Mr. Goff and learning all the new music if you want to perform on Saturday night.

For freshman and freshman parents; Fresh fins is at 9am this Friday morning 8/11. It is about one and a half hours long.  If you would like your student to attend, they must be able to get caught up on what they missed to be able to perform on Saturday.  As an alternative, there is a new student/parent meeting the following Monday night 8/14 and they will go over the same information and a locker can be purchased then also.  Mr. Goff will be able to get each freshman band student their schedule for them.


More band news:

Coupon books– You can turn in money and books and/or check out more before or after practice next week and the following.  You may also turn in money and check out more books this Saturday after the performance from 6:30-7:30 at the picnic. Final day 8/25.


Call times for Saturday– Call time for students on Sat. is 5pm.  Show starts at 6pm.  Call time for parents doing set up 5pm. Grills 4pm.


Picnic Items– Bring in those picnic items, we are particularly short on soda and water.  (Sams has cases of water for under $3 40 bottles right now)


Practices– Mandatory practices every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8:15pm.  Every Thursday practice Mr. Goff requires you wear your band shirt, this is the reason you received 2 at uniform fitting.


Volunteers– If you are volunteering during school hours, please sign in at the main office first, and please park in marked visitor parking spots! We need a few more chaperones for the Immokalee game.  Click on the link to sign up:


Due to awesome size of our band, Immokalee has asked that our students pre- purchase their meal for the game 8/18. Purchases can be made before and after band camp on Sat. and at practice next week.  None will be sold during school.  Attached to this email is the pre-order form.



San Antonio: Next trip payment is due Sept 1st and is $150.  Airfare total is $450. Payment 1 at $225 is due Oct 1st and payment 2 at $225 is due Nov 1st.  Copy of state issued driver’s license or passport due by Oct.1s.



Mark your calendars Seniors and grab your tissues Senior parents: Senior night is Thursday Sept 28.



Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club

Band Camp Update

29 Jul

Band Camp Updates and more 7/29/17

Ready, set, go, it’s band camp time!!!!!!!!

Welcome back!

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE – You should be drinking a gallon of water per day at this point.

Dust off those Camel Packs and get them working, get your frog towel ready.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

And do not forget your lunch, no one can leave campus during band camp!

GOT FORMS – THEY NEED TO BE UPLOADED TO  If you are having trouble with a form, contact the activities office.  They are in so you can go in on Monday 7/31 or Tuesday 8/1 and have this taken care of before camp.  WE DO NOT NEED YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE UPLOADED.  For those students who are getting new physicals early next week, upload the copy as soon as you have it and bring a copy with you to check in. – If your FSHAA forms and physical are not complete and approved you will be sent home.

Tuesday 8/1 – 8-4 Leadership only

Tuesday 8/1 – 7PM – Mandatory Parent/Student meeting in the auditorium (Mr. Gomez will be there to talk with the students and say goodbye).  Lots of other information for you, any incoming freshman parents who ordered volunteer polos can pick them up at this meeting.

Wednesday 8/2 – All students 8-4, student check-in begins at 7:30am in the marching parking lot, do not go into the band room without checking in.

Thursday 8/3 – All students 8-4, student check-in begins at 7:30am in the marching parking lot, do not go into the band room without checking in.

Thursday 8/3 – Uniform fitting for ALL Juniors and Seniors 6 – 8 PM – Enter through side door near auditorium

Friday 8/4 – All students 8-4, student check-in begins at 7:30am in the marching parking lot, do not go into the band room without checking in.  “100% chance of rain”

Saturday 8/5 – Uniform fitting for ALL freshman and sophomores 11am – 3PM – – Enter through side door near auditorium

*Students MUST pay their band fees to be eligible for Disney, last day to pay for Disney is August 5th.

Monday – Friday 8/7 – 8/11 – All students band camp. 8 – 4PM This is a reminder, DO NOT SHOW UP AT 8AM.  YOU ARE TO BE IN THE PARKING LOT OR ON THE FIELD READY TO WORK AT 8AM

SATURDAY 8/12 – ALL STUDENTS BAND CAMP 8 – 12, Mr. Goff will announce call time for Saturday show expect around 4PM.  Band show in the stadium, in the gym if the weather is bad.  (we are 9 years straight of being in the gym)

District required Parent volunteer meeting, Tuesday, August 8, 7PM in the band room

Picnic items

Seniors – Paper plates & napkins

Juniors – case of water

Sophomores – 12 count bags of chips

Freshman – 12pk cans of soda (coke products only) coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta orange, Mr. Pibb, coke zero

These items are needed no later than 8/11.



The year of “Elvis” is here!


Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club

Summer Post Card

20 Jul

The summer post cards have been mailed.  If you had a valid address listed in Charms you should have received it.  If for some reason you did not receive it never fear you can pick one up at the Parent/student meeting on August 1 at 7PM in the Auditorium.  Also the image has been added here for your viewing pleasure.  Lots of information is packed into a small space.  Yes I know the image is duplicated on the PDF that was for printing purposes.

Click the link provided to view the post card.

half page post card 2017

July 15th Summer

15 Jul

Band Summer Email – July 15th Update- Please read below


We have been working hard all summer on making a great band camp this year!  Band camp postcards will arrive in mailboxes any day now! There’s a lot of great information on them, wait until you see what the “Spirit Days” are this year!



1.     Sign up for a CHARMS account.

Make sure you have signed up in CHARMS- please check to make sure email address’ are up to date and correct.  Summer postcards will be mailed to the address you have in CHARMS, update any information ASAP.  As of July 1st, all CHARMS accounts have been updated.  Any payments made after that are not posted yet.

2.     Complete all necessary forms and yearly physical on

These should be completed before July 25th (that’s 10 days away!) so the school has a chance to check them before band camp.  ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL WILL BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN BAND CAMP.  This website will let you know when your registration is complete.  The website will be the only method of submitting paperwork this year.  If you need assistance, please contact the activities office at the school for assistance before July 20th.  They will be more than happy to assist in any way necessary.  We will not accept printed forms.

In addition to the physical, there are 6 forms to complete:

1.     Emergency Information Card

2.     Photo/Video Media Release Form (required for MPA performances)

3.     Student Travel Authorization Form

4.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – General Liability

5.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – Concussion & Heat Related Illness

6.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – Sudden Cardiac Arrest


3.     ALL MEMBERS (including flag and dance) MUST attend uniform fitting on:

·       August 3rd for Juniors and Seniors between 6pm-8pm

·       August 5th for Freshmen and Sophomores between 11am-3pm

Uniform fitting is for significantly more than your uniform.  Please check your current account balance before attending this event through CHARMS, you will need to inform Mr. Carney at checkout of your balance.  This will significantly decrease wait times for everybody involved.  You may pay by student account, cash, check, or credit card (3% convenience fee applies).  At this event we will be collecting the following information and/or fees:

·       Band Fees

o   $235 for winds and percussion

o   $150 for flag and dance

·       Uniforms and accessories

o   Gloves

§  $5 for all wind players

§  $20 for all cymbal players

o   Berets

§  $10 for all tubas and percussion

o   Marching shoes

§  $35 for new

§  $15 for used

o   Leadership cords

§  $30 for captains

§  $15 for section leaders, assistant section leaders, and logistical team members

o   Concert dress for all wind and percussion students

§  $65 required dress for all females

§  Males are required to purchase a tuxedo on their own

o   Warm-up suits for all flag & dance

§  $125 for new

§  $75 for used

·       Tuner with contact microphone

o   All wind players are required to own a tuner with a contact microphone.  Tuners are $25 and the microphones are $10.

·       Any apparel/spirit table items you order will also need to be paid at checkout.

·       Coupon Books

o   All students are required to participate in this fundraiser.  Each student will have the choice to sell at least 5 books or simply pay $50 at checkout.  This is our largest annual fundraiser.

·       Food coupons

o   This $25 food coupon will allow students to purchase food during home games without having cash.

·       Disney trip

·       This will be the final day to sign-up for Disney.  The cost is $110.  Students who have an annual pass may pay $35 and submit a copy of their annual pass.  Please check your black-out dates.

You can help offset some of these cost my selling banners, $100 of EACH banner sold goes to student share.  Attached to this email are the banner forms.


4.     Sign-up to volunteer!!!

We need your help!  Come join the fun!  Here are a few ways to help before the year begins:

Band Camp student check in

Band Camp

Uniform fitting juniors/seniors

Uniform fitting freshman/sophomores

Band camp show and family picnic



Flag and dance last conditioning day:

July 24th 5:30pm-7:30pm

**If you cannot attend this date, you must fill out and submit the absent flag/dance form on the band website.


All football games, band show and MPA volunteer opportunities have been posted to the band website Please check it out and sign up! NOTE* You MUST be a CCPS approved volunteer.  Applications can be found on the CCPS webpage, make sure you get this done over the summer.

Tuesday, August 1st at 7pm in the Auditorium is the mandatory parent and student meeting.  This meeting requires your attendance to be able to participate in the band for the 2017-18 school year.


Looking for a place to store those holiday items or any other extra stuff around your house?  Look no further than our generous band sponsor, MidGard Storage.  They are conveniently located on the corner of CR-951 and Vanderbilt Beach Rd. at 7205 Vanderbilt Way.  Tell them the band sent you, visit their website at

Get up and get off that couch!  Band camp is right around the corner.  Get outside and acclimated to this heat, it will be hot at band camp!  Start practicing the show music that was handed out at the end of last school year.  You must have most of this memorized before the start of band camp, there is a lot to get done and a lot of fun to be had!


Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club