Below is a list of the fundraising activities for the school year! In order to reach our goals for music and auxiliary instruction, equipment, uniforms, travel, trips, fees, etc. Parents, we all need to pitch in so that our students can continue to do an outstanding job.GCHS Sharks - Chicago 2014 007

We are always looking for volunteers to chair or co-chair fundraisers. If you chair a fundraising committee, it does not mean that you will be working on that fundraiser alone. What it does mean is that you will be able to work with other band parents who will assist you, and the more volunteers we have, the more successful our band will be. If you have any questions about Fundraising opportunities, please contact  Open –  Fundraising Chair the Event Chair or Lynette Young, President, Band Aid Club.
Non Football Concessions–Student Share– Rey Muradaz, Cherie Came Co-Chairs
Spirit—General Fund—Angie Plaisance, Chairs
Coupon Books– Fair Share –  Amy Federico-Young and Linda Cassidy, Chairs
Sharkettes—Student Share—Kim Durston & Heather Roberts, Chairs
Homecoming Shoe Check—General Fund—, Chair
Prism Concert—General Fund— Daniel Stewart, Chair
Jazz Band Concert—General Fund—Rachel Slaven, Chair
Stadium Banners – Student Share – Rachel Slaven, Chair

007, Halloween & GCHS Mays 030 Banners:

You’ve seen all the banners that are on the fence around the football field (they take them down over the summer – they will go up again in August) and you’ve always wondered who sells those – WELL – WE can sell them!  Here’s the deal – the Banners are $500 – they are up all school year.

The Band gets $400 – this is a student share Fundraiser for us, so that means the student who sold the banner gets $100 – that’s $100 – in their account!  What a great way to help offset your band fees, the Disney/Universal Studios trip and even San Antonio Trip!   Band mom Mrs. Slaven is heading up this fundraiser.  You can email her at  She will be happy to help!

BandBannerLetter2019-2020 (1)


Other larger banner options are available.  Please contact Davina Clark for more information.

LocaLinx Coupon Books and Gift Cards

As an annual fair share fundraiser GCHS sells LocaLinx coupon books each August.  Those coupons are good for 1 year.  As an added benefit, Localinx is now selling select gift cards to some of the local places featured in the coupon book.  If you are going to visit these places anyway, buy a gift card from Localinx.  The GCHS band does get a little money donated to us for every gift card purchase.  Every little bit helps. Click the link below to purchase.

Buy Gift Cards

Tervis Tumblers

We currently have Gulf Coast High School Tervis 20oz. Tumblers for sale.  $10 per.
This is an ongoing fundraiser until we are out of stock for these tumblers.


Register now for the highly anticipated 2019 Sharkette Night!!
Students in 1st
– 8th
grade are invited to be featured Marching Sharkettes at the
September 27th

Varsity half-time performance!

Camp Dates & Times: 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm Tuesday, Sept 24th & Thursday, Sept 26th
Performance Date & Time: WHEN: Drop your child OFF @ 6:45 pm, Friday, Sept. 27th
WHERE: At the GATE to the right of the ticket booth, at the football field.
PICKUP: Students are released to their parents after half-time & the provided meal.
Mandatory Parent Meeting: 5:30 pm Tuesday, Sept. 24th
AUDITORIUM (a parent must be present in order for a child to participate)
The Cost: $50 – This includes ALL camp & performance fees, performances in the
STANDS during the 1st 1/2 of the football game, an ON-FIELD half-time performance
with the GCHS Band, an official Sharkette T-SHIRT, DINNER following the performance,
and a memorable Marching Sharks experience.

Registration Deadline – September 18th


Payment Details: Make the checks payable to GCHS Band Aid Club, Inc.
Have a GCHS Band/Dance/Flag Member drop it in the “bait box” in the band room, OR
Mail it to GCHS Band Aid Club, 15275 Collier Blvd. #201, Box 365, Naples FL 34119
Questions: Heather Roberts 239.595.2586 – OR Kim Durston 239.331.9430 or email
If you DO NOT receive an email by 9/22 please contact .


GFS Marketplace Fun Funds

Welcome to Fun Funds! GFS Marketplace is excited to help GCHS Band Aid Club with its fundraising needs.

Are you ready to get started?

Click Here to sign up.

The link will take you to a short enrollment form. After submitting the information, you will be emailed a welcome letter instructing you to stop by the service counter to pick up your permanent membership cards on your first shopping trip.

Student Share Fundraisers for Non-Football Concessions

How can I put money in my students account? You must have worked at least 1 Varsity football game or volunteered more than 25 hours working in another capacity as a volunteer during the varsity football games  (approval in needed by Lynette Young for this option please email her directly and your band student must work with you.  Your student is only excused if they have a GCHS band event, such as rehearsal or concert during the entire time you are scheduling to work.  Any deviation from this does require approval from Lynette Young.  Your student having a test the following day or another sports practice/game does not qualify as an excuse.