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Band-Aid Club Officers

2018/19 Officers

President – Lynette Young                     (Click Here to Email)
1st Vice President – Davina Clark          (Click Here to Email)
2nd Vice President – Don Dombrowski (Click Here to Email)
Secretary – MJ Kramer                          (Click Here to Email)
Treasurer – Jeff Carney                         (Click Here to Email)

To review the Band Aid Club By Laws, please (Click Here)

Commitee Chairman

Corresponding Secretary- Debbie Borowski
Volunteer Chair – Daniel Stewart
Assistant Volunteer Chair Football – Elissa Burkard
Fundraising Chair – MJ Kramer
Concession Chair –  Rey Muradaz
Uniform Chair – Debbie Borowski
Spirit Co-Chairs –
Marching Band Apparel Chair – Heather Desrocher
Media Chair – Cassie Gomes
Special Events Chair – Rachel Slaven
8th Grade Liaison – NNMS – TBD
8th Grade Liaison – OMS – TBD

Event Chair

Sharkettes –  Heather Desrocher & Heather Roberts
Band Camp Fundraiser/Prism/Patriotic Concert – Daniel Stewart & Sue Garry
Homecoming Shoe Check – 

GCHS Band Aid Club
15275 Collier Blvd. #201
Box 365
Naples, FL 34119