Your Weekly Email from GCH Marching Band Booster Club!

30 Aug

Hi Everyone!
How is the weather? We are hoping for CLEAR SKIES on FRIDAY!! If you’ve got some pull, could you put in a few good words for us??? Rain delays can be so frustrating!

First a few quick items:
-GENERAL BAND BOOSTER CLUB MEETING: That means you. If you’re getting this email and/or have a kid in band, you’re part of the Band Boosters! Please come to the band room on Tuesday, September 4th at 7p. We will meet for about an hour and be done when the kids are done with practice.

-COUPON BOOKS: if you haven’t turned them or your money in, GET ON IT! It was due last Friday! Bring either/both to the moms in the uniform room. Money should be in an envelope with your name and “coupon book money” on it. If you never got the books, and you didn’t pay $50 at uniform fitting, you owe $50.

-WATER: if you haven’t been drinking extra water throughout the week, GET ON IT! It was 90 degrees last week at 6p! Practice is HOT! Gamesare HOTTER!!

-BAND DADS: WE NEED YOU! Or STRONG PEOPLE willing to move heavy, cumbersome things, WE NEED YOU!! For each game our magic number is 14. If we had 14 Dads/Strong People to work the game, we’d have the big stuff covered. Can you help? Can you sign up on the site?

-GALLON WATER JUGS: like I was saying, it gets really hot at the games for the kids. They are on the field in those heavy uniforms, and they haven’t hydrated all week, and they’re dancing around like crazy. Guess what? They are THIRSTY!  And we need 2 things to help them. One is YOU! We need people to pour water into cups and give it to them. The second thing is we need clean gallon water jugs (juice and milk are ok too, they just MUST be clean). We take those gallon jugs and fill them up again and again with water to give to the kids. Over time, they need to be replaced. So, if you have some, could you please send them in to the band room? They can be dropped in one of the practice rooms (they’ll know which one, it’s the one with all the empty gallon jugs….).

-SHARKETTES: You know what this is, right? You stopped by that table during uniform fitting so you have all the girls in your neighborhood signed up, right? If you’re not sure what it is, it’s an opportunity for you to make some money for your band account and create a very special night for someone you know. The girls come out and dance with our flag and dance lines during the half time show of the Friday, Sept 14th football game. There are 2 practices on the Tuesday and Thursday prior to the game. For more information, please contact Heather Desrocher at 239-784-4580. Here is the link to the sign up form on the website: Sharkette Registration Form

-BAND BANNERS: We are still selling our amazing band banners to be hung on the football field fence line. It’s not too late – but don’t wait! Banners will be displayed all school year but to maximize your business’s exposure, get those banner submission forms in now! (You can find the form on website.) Banner pricing is $400 if business provides own banner and $500 if banner needs to be produced. Remember, this is a great low-cost way to showcase your business to our community and support the GCHS Band!!  GO MARCHING SHARKS!  The link to he fundraising page is here: On the fundraising page, you will find a band banner letter and sign up form about half way down. If you have questions, you can contact Rachel Slaven at

MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK: and don’t forget we want to see YOU at the game. We don’t just need strong people! We need everyone! We need people to walk kids to the bathroom. We need people to work concession. There are so many things that need to be done on Friday nights! We need many hands! Won’t you sign up to come play with us?

Now, on to other business:
COMMUNICATION: This is going to seem ridiculous. Because I’m trying to get a message out to people who aren’t getting this email!  But if you can ask your band parent friends if they are getting these emails, we might be able to help some of them out. It seems that Google has been upping their SPAM-Detection game. And they are blocking mass emails like the ones that come out of CHARMS (the system I’m using right now to send you this). So, many people who put a GMAIL into CHARMS are probably not getting any emails. THEY are WITHOUT INFORMATION!!! It’s a terrible thing. I’d like to help them out. But they’ll have to help themselves by logging back in to CHARMS and either adding another email or changing their email to something that’s NOT GMAIL. Charms is working on this problem. But they don’t know when it will get cleared up.  In the meantime, you can also tell people to follow us on Facebook at or check the website frequently. We are trying to post these emails in both of those places too.

Debbie Borowski
GCHMB Corresponding Secretary


15 Aug


The date for Disney has been set.  Please mark your calendars for September 22.  Please turn your student check or cash into the bait box or pay via paypal (3% convenience fee applies) located on the website. Volunteers who wish to be considered as a chaperone for this event please email Daniel Stewart and cc your request.

Here We Go!! Season is Upon Us!

11 Aug
The fire truck is such a great celebration of all the kids’ hard work!
But, the kids still have one more morning of band camp, Saturday, 8/10 from 8a-11a.
At approximately 11a, there will be a Performance for Parents (weather permitting) on the field!!
And after that, there will be a Band Family BBQ on campus to celebrate the end of a great Band Camp and LOTS of HARD, HARD WORK!
The BBQ is what you’ve been sending all those supplies for. You know, the soda, chips, water, and paper plates and napkins??? You sent them right? If not, bring them tomorrow, it’s not too late!
Freshmen-12 pack of Coke products NO 2 liters!!
Sophomores-12 count of individual packs of chips NO LARGE BAGS!!
Juniors– case of bottled water
Seniors-paper plates (NOT STYROFOAM) and napkins
There are still 9 spots open for volunteer to help at the BBQ. There are many things to do to feed 328 band kids and their families!  We need many hands to set up, grill, serve and clean up. It’s a wonderful event where you can see all your band family that you’ve been missing all summer! If you can spend some time helping, please go to the site and sign up. It’s under “Band Camp AM/PM Chaperones”. Here is a link. You have to go to the bottom of the page.

ALSO, IF YOU CAN SEW a simple hand stitch (OR ARE WILLING TO LEARN), while your kids are finishing their last day of band camp, please come help us get these uniforms ready for FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th! That’s our first game! It’s a WEEK AWAY!!!! We have two FULL racks that need to be hemmed! You can reply to this email for more info or to let us know you’re coming. We are so thankful for everyone who has already come to help organize and sew!

Regular Marching Band Practice begins!!
WHEN:    Tuesdays and Thursdays through the season
TIME:      From 6-815p
WHAT TO BRING:   YOU, your instrument, WATER!!
WHAT TO WEAR:    Band t-shirt, sneakers, comfy light shorts
Wednesday, August 15thFIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Good Luck everyone!!
It’s on Friday, August 17th. It’s a home game against Immokalee High.
Call time is 530p. That’s the time they need to be INSIDE the band room. They need to arrive EARLIER than this. And they can gather outside the band room until they are allowed entry. (Only kids and volunteers are allowed in the band room.)
How does a band kid prepare for game day, you ask?
    2. Eat food the day of a game, but not DAIRY. (It’s still hot out there!)
    3. Wear their band shirt, light comfy black shorts, and black thick socks that are at least 3 inches above their ankles to the game. They will keep all of this on underneath their uniform.
    5. Smile, cause it’s gonna be TONS OF FUN!
Now you’re asking “How does a volunteer prepare for game day?”.
    1. Sign up on the website WAAAAAAAY in advance so that we know we’ve got enough help. There are still TONS of spots for helpers in Concession,Equipment, Water, Chaperones, and Grill.
    2. Wear that GCHMB apparel you got (once it arrives) or your band t-shirt and sneakers (cause you’re going to be walking and standing a lot.).
    3. HYDRATE ALL WEEK! Yeah, you should too. It’s good for you. Plus it’s still hot out there on the field!
    4. When you are arrriving at the school, there should be a table out front selling volunteer meal tickets for each game. You present these tickets at concession for a burger, chips and drink. They cost $2 each.
    5. Sign in on the sheet when you get into the band room. We want to give you credit for being there and our school gets credit for all it’s volunteers! SO BE COUNTED!
    6. SMILE BIG! BE PROUD! You are a part of a great group of kids and adults who are bringing so much joy to SO MANY PEOPLE with their music and marching out on that field!
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary


Leadership Results Announced

30 May

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  This year’s selection process was one of the hardest I have ever gone through.  We were blessed with a huge number of qualified candidates and Mr. McGuire and I had a very difficult time choosing the right candidates for the band.  If you see these students around please congratulate them for being chosen.  You can access the leadership list here.