Account Payments

007, Halloween & GCHS Mays 024GCHS Marching Band is proud to announce the ability to accept your student account payments online.  A 3% processing charge has been added to each of the payments.  When processing your payment please be sure to enter the STUDENT NAME so we know which account to apply the funds towards.

Band Fees 2017/18 School Year 

Band fee’s are a once a year payment that covers uniform cleaning fees, music, instructors, buses for MPA etc.  The band fees are $235 and are due prior to the start of band camp.  Flag and Dance Fees are $150.  Costume fees are $260.  (fees are subject to change from year to year.)  Cross over students pay the $235 band fee **Cross over student is defined as any student participating in auxiliary and concert bands.

All accounts can be paid via check made out to GCHS Band Aid Club.  There is a $30 fee for any returned checks.

Disney 2017 Trip:

The Disney trip is scheduled for September 9, 2017.  Payment for this trip can be made now through August 5 (at the close of uniform fitting).  THERE WILL NOT BE ANY LATE PAYMENTS FOR THIS TRIP.  IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BY AUG 5 AS PAID YOU DO NOT GO.  Cost for this trip is $110.  If you have a season pass to Disney’s Magic Kingdom you must turn in a copy of the your pass showing it valid.  Your cost is $35 for the bus ride.

San Antonio Trip Payment Schedule:

Trip cost $750 + airfare
Trip deposit $200 due by April 1, 2017
2nd payment $200 due by May 1, 2017
3rd payment $200 due by June 1, 2017
4th payment $150 due by Sept 1, 2017

Airfare payment due Oct 1 – $225
Airfare payment due Nov 1 – $225
A 3% processing charge has been added to each of the payments.


Fees Payments