If you are going to be absent from a practice or game you must get prior approval, fill out the appropriate form below for submission and approval.

Band Absent/Late/Early Dismissal Request Form

Flag/Dance Absent/Late/Early Dismissal Request Form

Charms Registration

Student Forms Required for 2017/18 School Year

2018 San Antonio Band Trip

GCHS Band Trip to the Fiesta Flambeau Parade in San Antonio TX

Thursday, April 26 – Sunday April 29, 2018

Payment Schedule

$200 – Deposit Due by April 1, 2017
$200 – Due by May 1, 2017
$200 – Due by June 1, 2017
$150 – Due by September 1, 2017

$225 – Due by October 1, 2017

$225 – Due by November 1, 2017

Band Trip Information Packet & commitment form

Click here to be considered as a chaperone for this trip.

Click here to request a refund.  Refunds will only be issued for the following reasons.  Your student does not make the 2017/18 Flag or Dance Team, you move out of the district and will no longer be attending GCHS.  All refunds must be requested using the form provided and must be submitted by August 1, 2017.