Charms Registration

Charms Registration Information

ALL GCHS Band Students need to register for Charms including all flag and dance students. Registration is due before band camp begins.

* Log on to Charms at

* Or you can go to the band website and click on the Charms New Student Registration Button

* Click on the “New Students Click Here” button.

* After you finish with you the student info click on “Add Parent” please add information for ALL parents. DO NOT ADD YOU DRIVERS LICENSE INFO

* You can update any information after you initially register by going to the same link and signing on by clicking Existing Students.

Charms is a new program that we will be using this year that will incorporate the following:

1. Communication tool with all parents/students

2. Volunteer check in and check out

3. Attendance for students at all functions

4. Instrument/Locker/Lock/Uniform information

5. Forms

6. Financial Information

7. Music Library

Once you have your information entered you can login by going to and click the enter link at the top right. Locate the “Parent/Student/Members Login”

Please log in using the link above and enter all your student/parent information (for all parents) before the end of band camp. PARENTS DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBERS. This is an advanced function for volunteering, please do not enter your Drivers License number at this time. All of your information will remain private and WILL NOT be given out to anyone and will only be used for communication purposes within the GCHS Band.