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26 Oct

Sorry for the delay Folks! I know you’re wondering what’s happening….here you go:

This Saturday, October 27th, is Marching Performance Assessment (MPA) at Barron Collier High School stadium.  Admission to the stadium is $7, free parking.  There will be 20 bands performing at the event beginning at 2p and culminating with the GCHS Marching Band at 815p. You can come for all or part of this outdoor stadium band event (a band performs about every 20 minutes). All money collected from this event goes to support our middle and high school band programs in Collier and Lee counties.  Each band is adjudicated bye a panel of FBA judges and will earn ratings in marching, music, general effect, percussion, and flag/dance. If you missed the CCPS Band Show last Saturday, don’t miss this event!!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t lead with info about tomorrow night for the seniors. Well, it’s because I don’t have any new info. But don’t despair. Your seniors know all they need to know. I will say, traditionally, parents dress up; but the forecast is a high of 85 tomorrow…so consider that in your choice of clothing.

**STUDENTS: today’s practice is happening. Is your band t-shirt clean? There won’t be any band moms in the uniform room to lend them out! And you know, no band t-shirt = no practice = NO MARCHING AT THE GAME!**

Next Friday, November 2nd, will be the LAST GAME. It’s away at Golden Gate HS.

**BUT don’t think things with band will slow down!!!  We have PRISM right around the corner!!!**

Volunteer sign ups are on the site ( We have spots for TONIGHT’s JV football game!  We just need 2people there. But if you look further down the page, you’ll see that there are spots forMPA’s on Saturday, spot for next week’s away game, and spots for PRISM rehearsals and performances! Don’t sit on the fence! Come play with us! If you don’t know what you’re doing, just ask! ALSO, if you are considering working concession later in the year, remember that you need to work a VARSITY game first! There are only 2 of those left! Working concession for those other games will bring you $$$ in your band account!! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!! Go sign up on the site!

Did you get some great pictures from last week’s shows? Did you send them to our historians?? Here’s their email again!  I saw some great ones on Facebook and Instagram! I’ve attached one from PJ Obrecht of our drum majors Dallas, Blake and Mackenna.

Debbie Borowski

Corresponding Secretary


Weekly updated posted to website a little late. :-(

21 Oct

What is UP People?

This is that email I’ve been warning was coming!


Next Tuesday, Oct 23rd, at 630p, there will be a Luau Committee meeting in the band room.. What? You haven’t heard that there’s going to be a LUAU? Yes! This Luau will be an ADULT-ONLY event on February 2nd at Coconut Point Hyatt. This event is still in the planning stages. Would you like to be on the ground floor of it? Come to the meeting to get involved. There will be need of volunteers galore, donations big and small, and bring your fun-self! It’s going to be a blast!

Next Friday, Oct 26th, is our LAST home game. And the following Friday, Nov 2nd, is our LAST game of the season. It’s an away game at Golden Gate HS. And, just a reminder, this Friday, is the senior night for cheer and football. The visiting team will play during halftime and we will play after the game.  The same will happen next week when itis our band seniors’ turn. Here is that link again in case you STILL haven’t filled it out SENIORS!!:

Next Saturday, Oct 27th, is the MPA’s (Marching Performance Assessments). These will be happening at Barron Collier HS. Chaperone call time is 430p, kids 5p. Buses leave at 530p. Perfoming at 745p, eating after the performance…so eat before you get to school this day!

Now, keep in mind, even though Marching Season is coming to a close, this DOESN’T mean that we Band Boosters take a break! There is A LOT coming up in our concert season. For instance there is off-season concessions for basketball, soccer, and lacrosse; PRISM concert; Honor Band; and the All-American Football Tournament. We will need lots of bodies and smiles! More specific information on these events as they come a little closer.

Do you own a local business or know someone who does? We are looking for ticket sponsors for our upcoming PRISM concerts. We perform 3 shows and the sponsor can put a coupon and/or their business information on the back as well as in the program and a link to their business on our website. If you are interested, please contact Davina at

And lastly, our band historians are still looking for band pictures. If you have any, please send them to

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Quick Posting for 2 important items

18 Oct

Hi Everyone!!

So, this is a short email to give a couple of bits of SUPER IMPORTANT info…a larger email with a bunch more info will be coming out tomorrow.

NuMBeR 1:
This Saturday for the CCPS Band Show, we are looking for 5 to 6 guys or ladies (willing to lift and move large, heavy things). We need you to disassemble our stage prop at GCH, transfer, and reassemble it at Palmetto Ridge High. This would take place from 9a till noon on 10/20. Aaaaand, if you’re not busy, we’d love to have you help next Saturday too for the MPA’s! Those times will probably be a little later as the MPA’s start a little later. These helpers are asked to please email Daniel Stewart at and copy Lynette Young at

NuMBeR 2:
Most Importantly, let’s talk about SENIOR BAND NIGHT.
I had it a little confused last email.
Here are the basics: We all know it’s on Friday, October 26th.
Call time for kids is 530p, for volunteers is 5p. That’s the easy part.
Here’s the night’s schedule:
Seniors with their families get introduced BEFORE the GAME.
Visiting team band plays DURING HALFTIME
GCH band plays AFTER the GAME
***SENIORS who want to be RECOGNIZED before the game with their families NEED TO FILL OUT THE FORM BY TOMORROW Oct 18th!!!! ***
Here’s the link:

LOTS more coming to you tomorrow. These two things were just really important!

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Update as of 10/11/18

14 Oct

Hello Everyone!

Even though there’s no game this week, there’s PLENTY of information for you!
Right Here though, we’d like to GIVE A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you all for your help this week. As always, it takes a village and you are our village!
For the next two Friday games (Palmetto and South Fort Myers), our band will be playing AFTER THE SHOW, not during half time. They are both home games with Senior Presentations during half time.
10/19 will be Cheer and Football seniors.
10/26 will be BAND SENIOR NIGHT!!
The Senior Night Festivities will be held pre-game.  All seniors need to use the following link to submit their script for Senior Night.  This needs to be completed before Thursday, October 18th!! Don’t put it off!!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the next few events! Take a look and see if you can fill in a spot! Click the link: go to
Don’t FORGET about the Volunteer Meeting next Tuesday, Oct 16th, at 630p in the band room. Come join us to get information on the upcoming Luau, PRISM, and the All American Football Tournament! The Luau will be FUN! PRISM will be awesome! And the Tournament will be an opportunity to make some $$$$!
You might be wondering about the CCPS Band Show on Oct 20th. If you haven’t been, YOU’VE GOT TO GO! You get to see all the Collier High School bands at ONE SHOW! We do come on last because we are the largest. But it’s worth the wait and you will be entertained the whole time!
EVENT: CCPS Band ShowTIME: Gates open: 530p, Performances start: 7pLOCATION: Palmetto Ridge HSDETAILS for Band Kids and Chaperones:
4:00pm – Call Time forChaperones

4:30pm – Call time for students and buses
5:00pm – Depart GCH to PRH
9:00pm – Depart PRH to GCH
9:30pm – Arrive GCH

INFO FOR PARENTS and other AUDIENCE: It costs $7. Tickets can ONLY be purchased at the show.

Also, originally you were told that the Universal payment was due on the 15th. Buuuuuut, there’s no school that day….so it’s due by the 16th…which is also an early release day. So, if you are taking a long weekend….you should get your money in ASAP (so you don’t forget) ..which is Friday, tomorrow!  Cost is $125 or $35 if you have an annual pass (of which you need to send in a copy).

Keep an eye on November when we switch from Marching practice to PRISM practice and DON’T MISS PRISM!! Haven’t heard of it? Never saw it? It’s a great showcase of the talent and personalities of our awesome band students! Don’t miss it! More info to come on this later!

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary


Update 10/6/18

6 Oct

Hello Everyone!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been busting their buns doing SO MUCH WORK!  You know who you are! And if it’s not you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  We need you! We want to see you!! Come on out!!
And hey, if your gloves have holes or you lost them, come by the uniform room, we’ll sell you a new pair for $5 or a used pair for $2! We even have socks for sale if you need them!
Next week, there is NO GAME. But there IS STILL PRACTICE on both Tuesday and Thursday!
AND, have you heard that there’s another trip?? UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!  WOo HoO! The trip is December 1st. But payment is DUE October 15th! Don’t be left out! The cost is $125.00.  You can send in checks to the Bait Box made out to GCHS Band Aid Club or go to the website if you want to pay by credit card. **Either way you pay, please note which student the payment is for**Remember if you pay on the site, a 3% charge is added for processing.
And Lastly, there are many volunteer opportunities coming up in the near future! But you had better sign up for the quickly! Our marching season is coming to a close very quickly! We are more than half finished! Did you get to work in concession yet? Did you ride the bus as a chaperone for an away game?  If you haven’t you’re truly missing out on some great times with some great people!  And seriously, if you haven’t been to a CCPS Band Show You’re MISSING OUT!! You get to see ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL BANDS IN ONE SITTING! And you don’t even have to see a football game! It is not to be missed!
Hope to see you soon!
Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary