Band Update 11/5/18

6 Nov

Good Evening Everyone!


So much happening! Let’s dive right in!


You’ve been hearing this…but you didn’t believe it! But it’s true! There’s NO PRACTICE this week!  WHAT?? Get out there and enjoy the weather or something! Or rest up , ’cause next week is a DOOZY! So, no practice 11/6 (except flag & dance) or 11/8.  And, sadly, no football game Friday. (But, just wait until December! We’ll have a bunch of football games for you then! And we’ll need your help too!)


Next week on Thursday, 11/15, at 7p, meet in the auditorium for LOTS of info on the Washington DC/Philly/Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade. This trip IS NOT mandatory. But it’s highly imperative that you attend the meeting if you would like to go.


Let’s talk about Prism. In my last general email, I was a little confusing.

Prism rehearsals are next week. They are ALL NEXT WEEK.

Monday, 11/12: 230-5p

Tuesday, 11/13: 230-6p

Wednesday, 11/14: 230-6p

Thursday, 11/15: 230-6p.

**Reminder: NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the band room during these rehearsals!**

Bring extra food for lunch or to eat after school! Plan ahead! You CAN bring things to keep you busy to the band room L I K E your homework! Cards! Books to read! Board games! Coloring books! Even electronic devices if you must…


Now, Prism concerts are as follows:

Friday Daytime, 11/16: kids’ call time 9a , Concert 10a.  Only feeder schools on field trips attend this performance.

Friday Evening, 11/16: kids’ call time 6p, Concert 7p. General Public comes to this one.

Saturday Daytime, 11/17: kids’ call time 130p, Concert 2p. General Public

Saturday Evening, 11/17: kids’ call time 630p, Concert 7p. General Public.

How much does it cost, you ask?  Friday and Saturday Evening performances are $10.00.

Saturday’s matinee is only $7. Tickets will be on sale before and after the PRISM rehearsals next week. See Mrs. Clark! If you just can’t wait. You can contact her


During the Prism concerts, we host a silent auction of gift baskets pulled together by each section. Do you know the theme for your kid’s section? Ask them, they know by now!


Also during the Prism concerts, we host bake sales! So, get out those cookie recipes you wanted to try before the holiday season! Make a batch for us and keep a few for your family! We just ask that the ones for us are packaged in units to sell for $1 each.  You can sign up for this on the site:


And as much as you LOVE to watch the Prism Concerts, we ask that you realize that the reason it can happen is that there were other parents behind the scenes during concerts and rehearsals selling tickets, watching the halls, helping kids into their costumes, moving props, and generally keeping their eyes on the kids FOR HOURS. So, if you can, could you be one of those parents who lends a hand at either the rehearsals or performances?


Hopefully you got the Save the Date email the other day about our AWESOME LUAU coming up! Keep your ears open! More info to come! Here’s a link to the announcement: CLICK HERE.


Now, I bet you’re thinking, MAN! There is so much going on! And you’d be right! It doesn’t stop just because we had our last varsity football game! We still have concession volunteer opportunities throughout the year! Go to the site, sign up. Remember you’ll make some $$$ there!


I have to stop here for a second. Why? Because WE want to thank everyone who has worked SO HARD this season. There are so many of you! And WE want you to know how much you are APPRECIATED! You are WONDERFUL and GIVING: and we have had so much fun with you! Thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you. Even if you have only been able to give an hour or two of your time. There are some who have given a hundred hours. But we need EACH and EVERY one of you to make this happen! From the BOTTOM of our hearts, Thank You!


OK, A few more things….

The Universal Trip is creeping up on us. It’ll be here right after the Thanksgiving break.  It’s going to be a full day trip. Call time at 430a. Arriving back at the school around 11p! Whew, that’s a long day! As usual, students taking part in this must travel to and from Universal with the band. More info to come as we get closer.


Lastly, you remember those Localinx coupon books we ALL sold??? Well, last year’s book has expired (except the Jet’s Pizza and Phelan’s coupons). So, recycle the old one and go pull out the new one and put it in your car. You only have a YEAR to use them! AND the company now has a neat way to support GCH Marching Band ALL YEAR! Go to their site: LOCALINX  and buy gift cards for the businesses on the site. a portion of each purchase will go to GCHMB! I mean, if you’re going to go there anyways…might as well support the band!


That’s all for this week!

Debbie Borowski

Corresponding Secretary


Band Update 10/29/18

30 Oct

Good Evening Everyone!

This email is coming at you EARLY in the week because we wanted you to know that there IS NO PRACTICE TOMORROW NIGHT (Tuesday)! What?  There’s a Tuesday night free? …or You Could practice your PRISM act!!
You could come to the Band Room because Cadence Music will be there from 6-8p (yes, the same time we usually practice) with “the area’s largest selection of Solo & Ensemble Music, step-up and professional level instruments, mouthpieces, and accessories! You can try it before you buy it and ask all the questions you need to” of the Great People from Cadence!

Thursday is marching practice in FULL UNIFORM – YES! Wear All Your Stuff like it’s a Friday Game! We will be creating a professional recording of the show as well as taking still-shots of the band and sections.

Friday is our last game. It’s AWAY at Golden Gate HS. You’ll need to come with all of your stuff again! Do a load on Thursday night! Chaperone call time is 5p. Student call time is 530p. We can still use some volunteers for this night. The kids still need water and supervision. If you have the time….this is the last one for a while…go to the site and sign up!

The following week of 11/4, there is practice both Tuesday and Thursday.

Monday: 230-5p
Tuesday:  230-6p
Wednesday: 230-6p
Thursday: 230-6p

Friday: In-School Concert – call time 9a
Evening Concert – call time 6p, concert starts at 7p

Saturday: Matinee – call time 130p, concert starts at 2p
Evening Concert – call time 630p, concert starts at 7p

***Prism rehearsals and concerts are one of those events that we need all hands on deck even if for just a little bit. If you’ll go to the website:
There are spots for helpers for the rehearsals on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th.

We also need bakers for the snacks we sell at each performance.There are spots for 109 people to bake something! Can you fill one of them??  Goodies should be packaged to sell for $1 each.

More importantly, we need helpers DURING the performances! If you are going to see one of the performances, please consider volunteering during one of the other 3. Someone was volunteering while you were enjoying.

Here’s the link to go to the site, we thank you in advance!***

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary

Latest Update

26 Oct

Sorry for the delay Folks! I know you’re wondering what’s happening….here you go:

This Saturday, October 27th, is Marching Performance Assessment (MPA) at Barron Collier High School stadium.  Admission to the stadium is $7, free parking.  There will be 20 bands performing at the event beginning at 2p and culminating with the GCHS Marching Band at 815p. You can come for all or part of this outdoor stadium band event (a band performs about every 20 minutes). All money collected from this event goes to support our middle and high school band programs in Collier and Lee counties.  Each band is adjudicated bye a panel of FBA judges and will earn ratings in marching, music, general effect, percussion, and flag/dance. If you missed the CCPS Band Show last Saturday, don’t miss this event!!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t lead with info about tomorrow night for the seniors. Well, it’s because I don’t have any new info. But don’t despair. Your seniors know all they need to know. I will say, traditionally, parents dress up; but the forecast is a high of 85 tomorrow…so consider that in your choice of clothing.

**STUDENTS: today’s practice is happening. Is your band t-shirt clean? There won’t be any band moms in the uniform room to lend them out! And you know, no band t-shirt = no practice = NO MARCHING AT THE GAME!**

Next Friday, November 2nd, will be the LAST GAME. It’s away at Golden Gate HS.

**BUT don’t think things with band will slow down!!!  We have PRISM right around the corner!!!**

Volunteer sign ups are on the site ( We have spots for TONIGHT’s JV football game!  We just need 2people there. But if you look further down the page, you’ll see that there are spots forMPA’s on Saturday, spot for next week’s away game, and spots for PRISM rehearsals and performances! Don’t sit on the fence! Come play with us! If you don’t know what you’re doing, just ask! ALSO, if you are considering working concession later in the year, remember that you need to work a VARSITY game first! There are only 2 of those left! Working concession for those other games will bring you $$$ in your band account!! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!! Go sign up on the site!

Did you get some great pictures from last week’s shows? Did you send them to our historians?? Here’s their email again!  I saw some great ones on Facebook and Instagram! I’ve attached one from PJ Obrecht of our drum majors Dallas, Blake and Mackenna.

Debbie Borowski

Corresponding Secretary


Weekly updated posted to website a little late. :-(

21 Oct

What is UP People?

This is that email I’ve been warning was coming!


Next Tuesday, Oct 23rd, at 630p, there will be a Luau Committee meeting in the band room.. What? You haven’t heard that there’s going to be a LUAU? Yes! This Luau will be an ADULT-ONLY event on February 2nd at Coconut Point Hyatt. This event is still in the planning stages. Would you like to be on the ground floor of it? Come to the meeting to get involved. There will be need of volunteers galore, donations big and small, and bring your fun-self! It’s going to be a blast!

Next Friday, Oct 26th, is our LAST home game. And the following Friday, Nov 2nd, is our LAST game of the season. It’s an away game at Golden Gate HS. And, just a reminder, this Friday, is the senior night for cheer and football. The visiting team will play during halftime and we will play after the game.  The same will happen next week when itis our band seniors’ turn. Here is that link again in case you STILL haven’t filled it out SENIORS!!:

Next Saturday, Oct 27th, is the MPA’s (Marching Performance Assessments). These will be happening at Barron Collier HS. Chaperone call time is 430p, kids 5p. Buses leave at 530p. Perfoming at 745p, eating after the performance…so eat before you get to school this day!

Now, keep in mind, even though Marching Season is coming to a close, this DOESN’T mean that we Band Boosters take a break! There is A LOT coming up in our concert season. For instance there is off-season concessions for basketball, soccer, and lacrosse; PRISM concert; Honor Band; and the All-American Football Tournament. We will need lots of bodies and smiles! More specific information on these events as they come a little closer.

Do you own a local business or know someone who does? We are looking for ticket sponsors for our upcoming PRISM concerts. We perform 3 shows and the sponsor can put a coupon and/or their business information on the back as well as in the program and a link to their business on our website. If you are interested, please contact Davina at

And lastly, our band historians are still looking for band pictures. If you have any, please send them to

Debbie Borowski
Corresponding Secretary