Simply Superior!

5 Mar

Words cannot express how proud I am of our band program.  Over the last two days our four concert bands performed at the Florida Bandmaster Association’s District 18 Music Performance Assessment.  Our students were able to accomplish a first in Gulf Coast history.  All four bands received an overall rating of Superior!  Additionally, the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds both received straight superiors therefore qualifying for the FBA State Music Performance Assessment.  These ratings are a huge achievement for these amazing young men and women. Words cannot express how truly blessed I am to work for these incredible students. Thank you for everything you do for the program and, more importantly, adding so much pride and joy to my life.

Congratulations to all Solo and Ensemble participants!!!

6 Feb

Wow! That is the only word that can describe how awesome our kids performed at this year’s solo and ensemble event. We had 134 events perform. Of those we had 91 achieve the highest rating of “Superior.” The following students achieved this rating:

  • Christian Aabel – Snare Drum Solo
  • Anthony Amodio – Euphonium Solo
  • Lauren Anderson – Trumpet Solo
  • Deana Biagi – Mallet Solo
  • Ellery Bock – Clarinet Solo
  • Jennifer Castro – Flute Solo
  • Dylan Clark – Trumpet Solo
  • Shayne Dagostino – Clarinet Solo
  • Kellie Diebler – Clarinet Solo
  • Rebekkah Dorton – Flute Solo
  • Grace Eugenides – Clarinet Solo
  • Noah Evans – Trumpet Solo
  • Audrey Harris – Snare Drum Solo
  • Paula Jimenez – Flute Solo
  • Morgan Kirk – Snare Drum Solo
  • Jared Klingsmith – Trumpet Solo
  • Saskia Korda – Bass Clarinet Solo
  • Noah Lauster – Trumpet Solo
  • Nina Lozano – Horn Solo
  • Michael Madison – Snare Drum Solo
  • Hunter McLaughlin – Trumpet Solo
  • Joey Muradez – Tenor Sax Solo
  • Amber Pierson – Horn Solo
  • Brianna Reynolds – Piccolo Solo
  • Christopher Reynolds – Euphonium Solo
  • Frank Richards – Tenor Sax Solo
  • Isabella Rock – Flute Solo
  • Arnulfo Rodriguez – Trumpet Solo
  • Steven Rodriguez – Trumpet Solo
  • Finneas Scott – Snare Drum Solo
  • Finneas Scott – Timpani Solo
  • Rilie Scott – Flute Solo
  • Schuyler Smith – Snare Drum Solo
  • Michelle Stegawski – Flute Solo
  • Ainsley Strackbein – Trumpet Solo
  • Barrett Strackbein – Tuba Solo
  • Camille Strackbein – Trombone Solo
  • Isabel Wolff – Piano Solo
  • Harry Zafiris – Bassoon Solo

Included in this group were two ensembles:

  • Clarinet Duet – Kellie Diebler & Mariela Marques
  • Percussion Ensemble – Deana Biagi, Steven Elsaid, Audrey Harris, Dillon Lewis, Michael Madison, Zach Marshall, Nick Mello, Jason Mirabel, Mackenzie Morgan, Schuyler Smith, Evan Smyser, & Luke Sorenson

Additionally, the following students received a rating of “Superior” and because of the quality of their performance have qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Performance Assessment. This event is to be held on Monday, March 28th and Tuesday, March 29th.

  • Mary Bock – Flute Solo
  • Abby Cahill – Clarinet Solo
  • Serena Carter – Flute Solo
  • Adriana Cespedes – Trombone Solo
  • Grace Dorton – Flute Solo
  • John Eugenides – Bari Sax Solo
  • John Eugenides – Alto Sax Solo
  • Ryan Garry – Clarinet Solo
  • Lindsey Haerle – Clarinet Solo
  • Tim Kane – Alto Sax Solo
  • Elaine Kim – Flute Solo
  • Alissa Kranites – Euphonium Solo
  • Jacob Lanphear – Tuba Solo
  • Natalie Lara – Flute Solo
  • Sharon Lauster – Horn Solo
  • Dillon Lewis – Snare Drum Solo
  • Dillon Lewis – Mallet Solo
  • Dillon Lewis – Timpani Solo
  • Mariela Marques – Clarinet Solo
  • Alexa Mealy – Flute Solo
  • Jason Mirabel – Mallet Solo
  • Jason Mirabel – Snare Drum Solo
  • Peter Noll – Alto Sax Solo
  • Peter Noll – Soprano Sax Solo
  • Elizabeth Parker – Flute Solo
  • Will Parker – Horn Solo
  • Vy Pham – Flute Solo
  • Armand Procacci – Alto Sax Solo
  • Philippe Rameau – Oboe Solo
  • Andrew Ramos – Trombone Solo
  • Brianna Reynolds – Flute Solo
  • Nikki Salvatore – Flute Solo
  • Jessica Sands – Alto Sax Solo
  • Isabel Slaven – Tuba Solo
  • Evan Smyser – Snare Drum Solo
  • Abbey Smith – Piccolo Solo
  • Abbey Smith – Flute Solo
  • Allison Smith – Horn Solo
  • Blake Sorenson – Snare Drum Solo
  • Blake Sorenson – Timpani Solo
  • Blake Sorenson – Mallet Solo
  • Luke Sorenson – Snare Drum Solo
  • Danielle Sparrow – Flute Solo
  • Alex Stetson – Alto Sax Solo
  • James Visgaitis – Tuba Solo

The following ensembles performed and received the rating of Superior and also qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Performance Assessment.  This event is to be held on Monday, March 28th and Tuesday, March 29th.

  • Flute Duet – Brianna Reynolds & Abbey Smith
  • Trombone Trio – Ryan Austin, Adriana Cespedes, & Ariane Schoellner
  • Flute Quartet – Mary Bock, Natalie Lara, Alexa Mealy, & Elizabeth Parker
  • Flute Duet – Mary Bock & Elizabeth Parker
  • Saxophone Quartet – John Eugenides, Tim Kane, Peter Noll, & Alex Stetson

All of these students are to be commended for this amazing achievement. Congratulations to all !!! I am so proud of how we represented our school and our band.


Congratulations to the guard and dance teams!

6 Feb

On Friday, February 5 both the dance and guard performed at the annual Florida Bandmaster Association’s Solo and Ensemble Performance Assessment.  Gulf Coast was well represented with 59 events.  All 5 ensembles received a rating of superior.  Also, the following students performed solos and received the rating of superior.  By receiving this rating they have also qualified to perform at State Solo and Ensemble on March 31.  Congratulations to all of these students and this fantastic achievement!

  • Jessica Alperovich – Dance Solo
  • Paige Babb – Dance Solo
  • Isabella Beauchamp – Flag Solo
  • Julia Bethea – Dance Solo
  • Gabriella Biagi – Dance Solo
  • Emma Bradtmiller – Flag Solo
  • Julia Brown – Flag Solo
  • Courtney Christiansen – Flag Solo
  • Lorena Correale – Dance Solo
  • Chantall Duvall – Flag Solo
  • Chantall Duval – Dance Solo
  • Allison Gramer – Flag Solo
  • Ashley Hoffman – Flag Solo
  • Naphtael Jean Charles – Flag Solo
  • Elaine Kim – Dance Solo
  • Caroline Lindsey – Dance Solo
  • Naomi Palma-diaz – Flag Solo
  • Cecelia Pantaleon – Dance Solo
  • Jaryn Pellant – Dance Solo
  • Dayana Perrogon – Flag Solo
  • Ayla Pinney – Flag Solo
  • Mia Prodavovic – Dance Solo
  • Luisa Rodriguez – Flag Solo
  • Samantha Rogers – Flag Solo
  • Nia Romnios – Dance Solo
  • Kendall Roy – Flag Solo
  • Emily Sage – Flag Solo
  • Mikhaela Sanchez – Flag Solo
  • Leila Scott – Dance Solo
  • Samantha Simmons – Dance Solo
  • Julia Sweet – Flag Solo
  • Julia Sweet – Dance Solo
  • Anabella Toledo – Dance Solo
  • Isabella Vallozzi – Flag Solo


Congratulations to the Jazz Band!

2 Feb


Congratulations to all members of the jazz band as they completed their MPA performance. They received a superior rating from all three judges. This rating is a testament to the hard work and diligence in these amazing students that I get to enjoy everyday in the classroom. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with these awesome young men and women. Thank you for everything you do for the school and music program, and, most importantly, for adding so much pride and joy to my life. Congratulations!!!

Jazz Band to perform for FBA Jazz MPA @ Palmetto Ridge

29 Jan

The 23 member Gulf Coast  High Jazz Band will be performing for the Florida Bandmasters Association Music Performance Assessment at our District Ratings Festival this coming Tuesday, Feb 2nd. The event will be held at the Palmetto Ridge High School auditorium and is free and open to the public. We perform at 5:30 p.m. Come out and support our Shark Jazz Band. They are playing some wonderful tunes and some great latin jazz. Hope to see you there. It’s gonna be swingin’!