Weekly Band Update 10/15/17

15 Oct

Wow October is flying by….

I hope everyone enjoyed having a Friday night off. Well we have a very busy couple of weeks coming up. Please be sure to read to the end as a lot of information is being distributed here.

Here’s what’s on tap for this week.

Tuesday, October 17 – Band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM – please be on the field ready to practice at 6PM not arriving at school at that time. We have 2 practices to clean up the show in preparation of the Collier County Band Show on Saturday – Every student really needs to be in attendance.

Thursday, October 19 – Band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM – please be in the parking lot ready to practice at 6PM not arriving at school at that time. This is our last practice to clean up the show in preparation of the Collier County Band Show on Saturday – Every student really needs to be in attendance.

Friday, October 20 – Football game away vs. Palmetto Ridge. Game starts at 7PM. Student call time is 5PM, chaperone/equipment call time is 4:30PM. Please be sure your student eats a snack before the game. Please be on time, the buses are to leave promptly at 5:30PM. We are in need of more chaperones and equipment people for this game please sign up to volunteer.

Saturday, October 21 – Collier County Band Show – Golden Gate High School – show starts at 9AM with all 7 high schools playing the national anthem. Tickets are available at the door for $5. Call time for students is 7AM, call time for volunteers is 6:30AM. We are in need of more chaperones and equipment people for this game please sign up to volunteer. Please be sure your student eats before heading to school. Make sure they hydrate during the week. It will be hot in their uniforms for this performance.


Volunteers are needed for the following upcoming events:

Thursday, October 19 – Freshman & JV football concessions – 3 more spots are needed to be filled. You earn a $25 credit to your student account for each game worked. Click here to sign up.

Friday, October 20 – 21 Chaperone and 4 Equipment people are still needed. Call time is 4:30PM with the buses leaving by 5:30PM. Click here to sign up.

Saturday, October 21 – 28 Chaperon and equipment people are still needed. Call time is 6:30AM with buses leaving by 7:30AM. Click here to sign up.

We are still in need for lots of volunteers for the following events in the upcoming weeks:

Friday, October 27 Away game vs. South Fort Myers

Saturday, October 28 FBA MPA at Barron Collier high school. Volunteers get a complementary pass to view the show.

Sharkettes rehearsals, Monday, October 30 from 4 – 6, Thursday, November, 3 from 4 – 6.

Friday, November 3 – This is going to be a very busy night. I have put a call out to some Alumni volunteers to see if they are available to come and help us out. We have Sharkettes and Senior night for Band. Senior parents we would really appreciate it if you could still volunteer. We will work around you walking with your student and giving you time to change. Unfortunately Irma messed with everything and we are stuck having all events rolled into 1 night.

Prism is just around the corner and we need lots of volunteers for this event. Please sign up to chaperone rehearsals and performances. We will make sure you have a chance to see the show.

Please visit the website volunteer page to sign up for any upcoming event. http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/


Universal Studios – We will be marching in the holiday parade in Universal Studios Orlando Saturday, December 2. Tickets go on sale starting 10/16 – 11/3. Ticket prices are $115 which includes bus transportation to and from the theme park and admission to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando. Please turn your student check or cash into the bait box or pay via paypal (3% convenience fee applies) located on the website. Volunteers who wish to be considered as a chaperone for this event please email me your request. gchsbandvolunteers@gmail.com

San Antonio – The final trip payment of $250 is due November 1. All payments made prior to October 15 will be reflected in the charms account by November 1. Please keep in mind that we are processing hundreds of payments. We update the charms accounts a soon as possible but can not do this on a daily or even a weekly basis. If you have a specific question about your students account please contact our treasurer Jeff Carney.

Students were emailed the forms needed for their room and group assignments. Please be sure they are working on these. 4 same gender students per room. 12 students (co-ed) per travel group. Please make sure a copy of your students state id, drivers license or passport is turned in ASAP. These were due by Oct 1.


Collier County Band Show – General Admission tickets available at the door $5. Show starts promptly at 9AM at Golden Gate High School

FBA MPA – Barron Collier High School, General Admission tickets available at the door. Students will be given time to visit concessions following the ratings announcements. We are scheduled to perform at 8:15PM.

Sharkettes – This is the last week to turn in those Sharkettes forms. Your student earns a $25 credit for each little girl they sign up. Please be sure to get the forms turned in this week.

Prism – Prism is scheduled for Friday, November 17 at 7PM, Saturday, November 18 at 2PM and 7PM. Tickets go on sale starting Tuesday, October 24 before and after practice. Tickets are $10 for evening performances and $7 for the Saturday matinee. Flowers will be available for sale along with a bake sale.

Weekly Band Update 10/9/17

9 Oct

Good evening Shark Fans!

What a week we had….
I had to take the day off yesterday from band, you know laundry and grocery shopping needed to get done after chaperoning for 22 hours straight.  What a great day had by all in Disney.  It was super hot, the kids were troopers but had a chance to cool off when Nate decided to send some feeder bands through the Magic Kingdom.  So yep we all got wet.
Friday nights performance was awesome.  It was so much fun to hear the crowds reaction to the band show, the prop and the arrival of Elvis.  It will just keep getting better and better.  Focus and dedication during practices is truly helping.  Lets keep up the good work.
What is going on this week…
Tuesday, Oct. 10 band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM.  Please come prepared to work.  You must be on the field by 6PM do not be late.  We have a lot to cover.
Thursday, Oct 12 band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM.  Please come prepared to work.  You must be in the parking lot by 6PM do not be late.  We have a lot to cover.  Don’t forget to wear your GCHS Elvis band shirt.
Friday, Oct 13 is the football teams bye week.  As of right now they have not been able to get a game scheduled.
Coming Soon…
Collier County Band Show:  Please take note due to scheduling conflicts the band show has been moved to the early morning of Saturday, Oct 21.  Call time is TBA – The performance is a requirement so please plan accordingly.  Work is not a valid excuse to miss.
MPA:  Saturday, Oct 28.  This years performance will be at Barron Collier high school.  Call time is TBA.
Prism is just around the corner.  Tickets for this event will go on sale next week.  Friday and Saturday nights performances are $10 per ticket.  Saturday matinee is $7 per ticket.  We will have a bake sale with this event so calling all bakers.  Look for this opportunity to be posted soon.
We need 2 volunteers to work Thursday’s Freshman football game in concession.  If you have worked a varsity football game you are eligible to work this event.  Your student earns $25 for the game.  There is just 1 game this week.  Please use the link provided to sign up:  http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/?sheet_id=281
Volunteers are needed to work next Thursday’s Freshman and JV football game in concession.  Click the like provided to sign up:  http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/?sheet_id=282
We are in need of volunteers to work the away football game vs Palmetto Ridge.  Click here to sign up:  http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/?sheet_id=272
We also need more volunteers who can work the Collier County Band Show.  If you already signed up for this please take not that it is no longer in the PM but has been moved to the AM.  Please check for scheduling conflicts.  Click here to sign up: http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/?sheet_id=275
Our last home game of the season Nov 3 will be a very busy night.  We are going to need all hands on deck.  Here is the line-up for that night:
Senior night for  Band, Football & Cheerleading
Homecoming (no dance, the dance has be rescheduled as a winter formal.)
Please don’t forget to sign up little girls for Sharkettes.  Our numbers are a little low right now, so ask your neighbors.  You earn $25 for every little girl you sign up.
San Antonio Trip:
If you have not yet made you Oct 1 payment please do so ASAP.  We have had to send off deposits to the airlines.
Final trip payment due Nov 1.  Please be prompt on this payment.  Room and group assignment information is coming out this week.
I WOULD LIKE TO SEND OUT A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS!  Thank you so much for coming through and helping on Friday night.  An even bigger THANK YOU needs to go out to the many chaperones who worked Friday night and then turned around and was at school at 4AM to chaperone the Disney trip putting in a 22 hour day.  It was an exhausting but always rewarding day.
Thank you for your time and dedication to the students.
Liz Carroll
Band Aid Club
GCHS Marching Band

Band Update 10/1/17

1 Oct

Hello Shark Fans!

Our crazy weather ride continues… Almost made it to our half time performance. At least both Riverdales band and our band did play their half time music for each other in Golden Gate’s Auditorium. Elvis was in the house for sure.

Did you hear, even though the kids were dismissed, the game went on and the Sharks pulled out a BIG WIN IN OT! Way to go Sharks.

We have a lot going on now that we are back into the swing of things so please be sure to read the entire email.

Tuesday, October 3 – band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM in the stadium. Be prompt, students should be on the field ready to perform at 6 not arriving at 6PM. We have a lot to cover, only 6 practices until the CCPS Band Showcase.

Wednesday, October 4 – All State Auditions – 4 – 9PM at East Naples Middle School. Good Luck Sharks!

Thursday, October 5 – band rehearsal 6 – 8:15PM in the stadium. Be prompt, students should be on the field ready to perform at 6 not arriving at 6PM. We have a lot to cover, only 5 practices until the CCPS Band Showcase.

Friday, October 6 – Home game vs. Barron Collier, this is also middle school night so we will welcome 8th grade students from Oakridge Middle and North Naples Middle. Student call time is 5:30PM, volunteer call time is 5PM.

Saturday, October 7 – The band will be performing in Disney Magic Kingdom. Student call time is 4:30AM, Chaperon call time is 4:15AM. Please be sure to send your student with money for food and souvenirs. We will have a sugary snack (muffins, donuts, granola bars) for their breakfast with us. As a reminder students are not permitted to travel in pajamas and are not allowed to have blankets. All students must be wearing their Elvis t-shirt or their 2017/18 section shirt for the day.

San Antonio trip – The first air fare payment of $225 is due Today! Click here to submit you payment via PayPal. http://www.gchsharkband.com/auxiliary/macys-account-payment/

Please remit payment immediately. Your final trip payment of $225 is due Nov. 1. At this time we need a copy of all students going on the trip, Photo ID – State Id, Drivers license or valid Passport. LESS THAN 75 STUDENTS HAVE TURNED THEIRS IN TO DATE. Student groups and room sign-ups will be happening a little later this month. Students should look for a separate email regarding these sign-ups.

Volunteers Needed!

Tuesday, October 3 – 6 – We need a couple of guys with ladders who can assist Rachel Slaven in hanging all of our banners around the stadium.

Friday, October 6Home game vs. Barron Collier – We still need lot of help for this event. We need chaperons as well as concession people. This game is an all hands on deck event. Lots to do. Click the link provided here to sign up today: http://www.gchsharkband.com/volunteer/?sheet_id=271

The school is trying to get a home game scheduled for Friday, October 13 (our bye week). So look for details on this coming soon.


Coupon Books – At this time all unsold coupon books and monies should have been turned in. We are wrapping up this fundraiser. Any monies/books not turned in to date will result in the students band account being charged.

Sharkettes – Start signing up those little girls to come out and dance with our flag and dance teams. This is a great fundraiser, students earn $25 for every student they sign up. Please don’t wait until the last week, we like to try and order our t-shirts about a week in advance. Click the link here for the Sharkette form. http://www.gchsharkband.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Sharkette_Registration_2017.doc

Trailer Ads – We need to re-wrap our band trailers. We have advertising opportunities available on our large and small trailer. This is a student share opportunity. Students can earn up to $250 in their band account with these sales. Please reach out to MJ Kramer mjkramer287@gmail.com if you are interested or know someone who may be interested.

Prism – Believe it or not this concert is just around the corner. Several things will be happening at this event. We want each of the 3 shows to be a packed house. Tickets will be available soon for sale. Watch for more details.

Krispy Kreme Donuts/Coffee – We will be kicking this fundraiser off in early November watch for details soon.

Fun facts: For those of you who were out at practice on Tuesday night, you saw our half time prop revealed to the students for the first time. We expect it to make its half time debut on Friday night.

Here is what it took to create the ½ time prop:

2760 LED Lights

10,246 Screws/fastners

700 Linear feet of wiring

640 Square Feet of Plywood

1000 Watts Transformer power

824 Linear feet of Welded Aluminum

1,862 Pounds

4 transfer decals

Over 600 Man Hours

54 date in production!

Hope you all have a great week.


Liz Carroll


Band Aid Club

GCHS Marching Band

Midweek Band Update

26 Sep

Due to hurricane Irma, this Thursday’s football game has been moved to Golden Gate High School.  As this game is a district game it is important that the band is present to support the football team.  Here are some details for your planning purposes:

• Parents will need to provide transportation for their students to Golden Gate High School.  Parking passes will be distributed to all students if they charge.  Students are encouraged to park near the auditorium and bus loop.  It is on the left side of the building as you pull in.

• Uniform for winds and percussion will be khaki shorts, Elvis! band shirts, and tennis shoes.  Flag and dance were given directions at rehearsal this evening.

• Call time will be 6:00pm on the bus loop at Golden Gate High School.

• Dismissal will be at the conclusion of the game in the bus loop at Golden Gate High School.  This will be approximately 9:30pm.  We will have students call/text their rides at the start of the 4th quarter so parents have adequate time to arrive at GGH to pick up their students.

• The GCH band room will be open from 4:00-5:00pm so students may retrieve their instruments if necessary.

• The GCH band room will be open for one hour after dismissal for students to return instruments if necessary.

• We will be performing pre-game and halftime.

• Concert band, Symphonic Winds, and 9/10 flag/dance will take their break during the 1st quarter.  Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and 11/12 flag/dance will take their break during the 3rd quarter.

• Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water for the stands.  The concession stand and ice will be limited at GGH.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Band Update 9/24/17

24 Sep

What a wild ride the last couple of weeks has been.  We hope that all of our students and families are safe and sound.  I think the students are looking forward to some normalcy.  I’m sure we are all going to face many challenges over the coming months.

But as they say the show must go on…….
Here is what is on tap for the band for the beginning of the this week…
Tuesday 9/26 band practice 6 -8:15PM.  Please be sure to arrive on time and be on the field  ready to work by 6PM.  Please do not arrive late.  We are 3 weeks behind at this point and have a lot of work to do on Tuesday.  Be sure to hydrate and bring water with you.  It’s still hot out.
Calling all helpers….. We need your help cleaning concessions on Tuesday 6 – 8:00.  We lost all of our perishable food in the storm.  Thanks to Don Dombrowski and Dan Rogers who cleaned out the refrigerators and freezers.  We do however need to deep clean all refrigerators and freezers.  Please give a couple of hours to help us get this done.  No need to sign up just show up.
Also, if anyone borrowed some of our propane tanks to use before, during or after the storm can you kindly return them?
At this point all unsold coupon books and/or money should have been returned.  If you have yet to do so please bring them to Tuesdays practice along with the money you collected for sold books.  We need to wrap this fundraiser up.  Monies and books were due at the end of August.  NO MORE BOOKS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOLLOWING TUESDAYS PRACTICE.  ANY OUTSTANDING BOOKS AT THAT TIME WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR BAND ACCOUNT!!!!!
Apparel – There are a few apparel its that still need to be picked up.  Can you please be sure to collect these items on Tuesday night.
Disney Trip – The Disney trip has been rescheduled for Oct 7.  We do have about 20 open seats for students who wish to attend this trip that weren’t going to be able to attend on its previously scheduled date.  These seats are on a first come first serve basis.  The cost of the trip is $110.  Money is due no later than the end of practice on Tuesday, Sept. 26.
October 1 – San Antonio Airfare payment 1 is due. $225.  The last and final payment will be due on Nov 1 for $225.  Chaperone selections are being done.  If you wish to be considered as a chaperone for the San Antonio trip please fill out the form in the link provided.
Chaperone Consideration Form . Invites to be a chaperone will be released early next week.  If selected you will need to begin to make payments for your trip right away.
Don’t forget to sign up those Sharkettes.  The cost is $50 Click here for the form.  Students receive $25 for every little girl they sign up.
Many questions have been asked about the missed games.  The school is working on this and will have information out to us soon.  So for now stay tuned……
I hope the students have an awesome week.
Liz Carroll
Band Aid Club
GCHS Marching Band