Summer Band Update 6/15/17

15 Jun

In an effort to prepare all students for the start of the new school year we have included a large amount of information below.  Please read everything so you are aware of upcoming dates, fees, new processes, and where to find further information.  Attached to this email is detailed information on signing up for CHARMS and

1.     Sign up for a CHARMS account.

Make sure you have signed up in CHARMS- please check to make sure email address’ are up to date and correct.

2.     Complete all necessary forms and yearly physical on

These should be completed before July 25th so the school has a chance to check them before band camp.  ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL WILL BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN BAND CAMP.  This website will let you know when your registration is complete.  The website will be the only method of submitting paperwork this year. If you need assistance, please contact the activities office at the school for assistance before July 20th.  They will be more than happy to assist in any way necessary. 

In addition to the physical, there are 6 forms to complete:

1.     Emergency Information Card

2.     Photo/Video Media Release Form (required for MPA performances)

3.     Student Travel Authorization Form

4.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – General Liability

5.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – Concussion & Heat Related Illness

6.     Consent and Release Liability Certificate – Sudden Cardiac Arrest

3.     ALL MEMBERS (including flag and dance) MUST attend uniform fitting on:

·       August 3rd for Juniors and Seniors between 6pm-8pm

·       August 5th for Freshmen and Sophomores between 11am-3pm

Uniform fitting is for significantly more than your uniform.  Please check your current account balance before attending this event through CHARMS, you will need to inform Mr. Carney at checkout of your balance.  This will significantly decrease wait times for everybody involved.  You may pay by student account, cash, check, or credit card (3% convenience fee applies).  At this event we will be collecting the following information and/or fees:

·       Band Fees

o   $235 for winds and percussion

o   $150 for flag and dance

·       Uniforms and accessories

o   Gloves

§  $5 for all wind players

§  $20 for all cymbal players

o   Berets

§  $10 for all tubas and percussion

o   Marching shoes

§  $35 for new

§  $15 for used

o   Leadership cords

§  $30 for captains

§  $15 for section leaders, assistant section leaders, and logistical team members

o   Concert dress for all wind and percussion students

§  $65 required dress for all females

§  Males are required to purchase a tuxedo on their own

o   Warm-up suits for all flag & dance

§  $125 for new

§  $75 for used

·       Tuner with contact microphone

o   All wind players are required to own a tuner with a contact microphone.  Tuners are $25 and the microphones are $10.

·       Any apparel/spirit table items you order will also need to be paid at checkout.

·       Coupon Books

o   All students are required to participate in this fundraiser.  Each student will have the choice to sell at least 5 books or simply pay $50 at checkout.  This is our largest annual fundraiser.

·       Food coupons

o   This $25 food coupon will allow students to purchase food during home games without having cash.

·       Disney trip

o   This will be the final day to sign-up for Disney.  The cost is $110.  Students who have an annual pass may pay $35 and submit a copy of their annual pass.  Please check your black-out dates.

4.     Sign-up to volunteer!!!

We need your help!  Come join the fun!  Here are a few ways to help before the year begins:

·       We need supervision during band camp.  Come in the morning or afternoon.

·       We need volunteers to bring lunch for the Band Director’s during band camp.

·       We need assistance during uniform fitting.

·       We need volunteers to grill and distribute food and drinks for the Band Camp Show picnic!

·       Past due payments for the San Antonio trip can only be paid via the following over the summer…..

1.     Credit card using the website.

2.      Mail a check to:

                                                  GCHS Band Aid Club
15275 Collier Blvd. #201
                                                  Box 365
                                                  Naples, FL 34119

 Flag and dance conditioning dates:

June 19th 5:30pm-7:30pm

July 10th 5:30pm-7:30pm

July 24th 5:30pm-7:30pm

**If you cannot attend these dates, you must fill out and submit the absent flag/dance form on the band website.

Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club

Band Weekly Update 5/14/17

14 May

Band Update Week of 5/15/17

I sure hope you all got a chance to see at least one of the two concerts last week, the band’s cup runneth over with talent!  Great job to all of you who performed, it was a great concert season!  The Band’s 2016-17 season has ended as all students received their awards for their accomplishments on Award’s night.  Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time over the year, we cannot do this without all of you!

This week:

Wednesday, May 17th

Dance tryouts- 5pm

Thursday, May 18th

Flag Line tryouts for returning members only – 3pm

Flag Line tryouts for new members only- 6pm

Saturday, May 20th

Concession cleanup day- we need “all hands-on deck” for this one. The more help we have, the faster we will be done!  Click on the link to sign up, we are looking for at least 20 volunteers.

Next week:

Monday, May 22nd

Wind Ensemble Auditions- incoming 9th grade only 5pm-6pm

Jazz Band Auditions- incoming 9th grade only 7pm-8pm

Tuesday, May 23rd

Drum Line Auditions- incoming 9th grade only 5pm-6pm

Mandatory 2017-18 Dance and Flag Meeting- Band Room 7pm

Graduation- May 26th

“The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match, each one of you is a fuse.” Ed Koch

June 1st–  3rd San Antonio payment due $200

As always, please check the calendar at and visit the volunteer page to sign up for next year’s activities including band camp help and more!!!  Band Camp starts in a only a few months!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing band mom’s out there!!!

Have a great week and a safe and happy summer!

Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club

Weekly Band Update 5/8/17

7 May

Band Update Week of 5/8/17

WOW!!!!  That’s what I say about Wednesday night’s benefit concert!!  The GCHS Jazz Band was amazing and the Hard Drive Horns were out of this world!!  To add to the excitement, our theme for next year was announced, ELVIS!!!!!  It was a great success!!  Thank you to the volunteers and bakers who helped make this happen!!  The Flag and Dance Recital on Thursday was also amazing!!  Great job to all those girls whose talent add so much to our extraordinary band.

Here’s what’s happening this week in band world…

Monday, May 8th

Jazz in the Spring concert- 7pm Band Room

Come and enjoy the sights and sounds as the band room is transformed into our own little jazz club.  Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, May 9th

·      Concert Band Rehearsal 2:30pm-3:30pm

·      Symphonic Band Rehearsal 3:30pm-4:30pm

·      Symphonic Winds Rehearsal 4:30pm-5:30pm

·      Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 5:30pm-6:30pm 

Thursday, May 11th

Spring Concert- 7pm Auditorium

Our 2016-17 season is ending, come out and see the last concert of the season!!

Friday, May 12th

Awards Night- 6pm Auditorium

Need I say more….

Later this month:

May 17th– Dance Tryouts 5pm

May 18th– Flag Line Tryouts 3pm for returning members, 6pm new members

May 22nd– Wind Ensemble Auditions, incoming 9th graders only 5-6pm
Jazz Band Auditions, incoming 9th graders only 7-8pm

May 23rd– Drumline Auditions, incoming 9th graders only 5-6pm Mandatory Dance/Flag Meeting 7pm Band Room

May 26th– GRADUATION DAY!!!!!

To all you Seniors: “You’re off to great places!  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting so… Get on your way!  -Dr. Seuss-


Have a great week,


Carolyn Bradtmiller

Corresponding Secretary

Secretary, GCHS Band Aid Club