2016-17 Leadership Results

15 Apr

First, allow me thank all of this years applicants.  While I know the process provided some challenges, I also know that by completing the process you learned a little more about yourself.  We will have our first meeting on Monday, April 18th from 2:30-4:30pm.  At this meeting we will start to define job responsibilities.  All interested students who successfully completed the application process should attend this meeting.  We will discuss job opportunities available to you.  And now…


State Jazz, Solo, and Ensemble Results

31 Mar

In the last 48 hours we have traveled over 150 miles to three different schools and had 200 students perform in nearly 100 events.

On Wednesday, March 30th select students participated in the Florida Bandmaster Association’s State Solo and Ensemble Assessment hosted at Mariner High School. All students are to be congratulated on their performances. Students who participate in this event are judged on the same criteria as professional musicians and are to commended for an outstanding performance.

Let me first congratulate the following students for receiving a Superior with Distinction. This rating is the highest level of achievement and is awarded to students who show incredible musicianship in addition to performing their music from memory.

  • Natalie Lara – Flute Solo
  • Dillon Lewis – Mallet Solo
  • Adriana Cespedes – Trombone Solo
  • Will Parker – Horn Solo
  • Blake Sorenson – Mallet Solo

The following students performed and received the rating of Superior. This rating is a testament to the hours of work these students have put into perfecting their craft.

  • Abbey Smith – Flute Solo
  • Abbey Smith – Piccolo Solo
  • Alexa Mealy – Flute Solo
  • Alissa Kranites – Euphonium Solo
  • Allison Smith – Horn Solo
  • Andrew Ramos – Trombone Solo
  • Blake Sorenson – Timpani Solo
  • Brianna Reynolds – Flute Solo
  • Dillon Lewis – Timpani Solo
  • Elain Kim – Flute Solo
  • Elizabeth Parker – Flute Solo
  • Evan Smyser – Snare Drum Solo
  • Grace Dorton – Flute Solo
  • Isabel Slaven – Tuba Solo
  • Jacob Lanphear – Tuba Solo
  • James Visgaitis – Tuba Solo
  • John Eugenides – Alto Sax Solo
  • Lindesy Hearle – Clarinet Solo
  • Luke Sorenson – Snare Drum Solo
  • Mary Bock – Flute Solo
  • Nikki Salvatore – Flute Solo
  • Peter Noll – Alto Sax Solo
  • Peter Noll – Soprano Sax Solo
  • Phillipe Rameau – Oboe Solo
  • Serena Carter – Flute Solo
  • Sharon Lauster – Horn Solo
  • Timothy Kane – Alto Sax Solo
  • Brianna Reynolds and Abbey Smith – Flute Duet
  • Mary Bock, Natalie Lara, Alexa Mealy and Elizabeth Parker – Flute Quartet
  • John Eugenides, Timothy Kane, Peter Noll, and Alexander Stetson – Sax Quartet

That evening, the jazz band performed at Cape Coral High School. It was obvious the students were exhausted after performing, in some cases, 12 hours earlier. Nevertheless, they performed very well and received the superior ratings from all three judges. Congratulations to all members of the jazz band!

On Thursday, March 31st the flag line and dance line traveled to Palmetto Ridge High School to perform in their Solo and Ensemble Event. The following students received a superior on their solo performances.

  • Allison Gramer – Flag Solo
  • Anabella Toledo – Dance Solo
  • Ashley Hoffman – Flag Solo
  • Caroline Lindsey – Dance Solo
  • Cecelia Pantaleon – Dance Solo
  • Chantall Duvall – Flag Solo
  • Elaine Kim – Dance Solo
  • Emily Sage – Flag Solo
  • Emma Bradtmiller – Flag Solo
  • Gabriella Biagi – Dance Solo
  • Isabella Beauchamp – Flag Solo
  • Jaryn Pellant – Dance Solo
  • Jessica Alperovich – Dance Solo
  • Julia Bethea – Dance Solo
  • Julia Sweet – Dance Solo
  • Leila Scott – Dance Solo
  • Lorena Correale – Dance Solo
  • Mia Prodanovic – Dance Solo
  • Mikhaela Sanchez – Flag Solo
  • Naomi Palma-Diaz – Flag Solo
  • Nia Romnios – Dance Solo
  • Samantha Rogers – Flag Solo
  • Samantha Simmons – Dance Solo

Additionally, the dance line performed in three ensembles and the flag line performed in two ensembles.  All 5 of these events received Straight Superiors!

Congratulations to all students as they continue to demonstrate what an amazing program we have at all levels.  I am so proud of all of you!

Simply Superior!

5 Mar

Words cannot express how proud I am of our band program.  Over the last two days our four concert bands performed at the Florida Bandmaster Association’s District 18 Music Performance Assessment.  Our students were able to accomplish a first in Gulf Coast history.  All four bands received an overall rating of Superior!  Additionally, the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds both received straight superiors therefore qualifying for the FBA State Music Performance Assessment.  These ratings are a huge achievement for these amazing young men and women. Words cannot express how truly blessed I am to work for these incredible students. Thank you for everything you do for the program and, more importantly, adding so much pride and joy to my life.