Band Camp is Coming, Band Camp is Coming….

23 Jul

Say Good-Bye to Summer!!!  Band is Almost Here!!  Lots of info here – so please read to the end!



Have you turned in all your forms yet???  ALL FORMS ARE DUE BY THE 1ST DAY OF BAND CAMP!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Your Student will be sent home if they do not have all their Forms Completed (that means Parent Signatures!!)

We will be collecting Forms on Tuesday, July 26th in front of the Band Room from 5:30pm – 8:00pm.  (Payment is not due at this time – we will collect payment at Uniform Fitting!)  This will be the last time available until Band Camp.  Also as part of a community outreach program, Flag & Dance teams will be collecting plastic shopping bags (Publix, Target etc) please bring them with you.  If you are a band student and would like to bring some please drop them off on Tuesday night.  Thank you!

You can find all the Forms on our Website.  Don’t Forget – Your physical form must be completed and SIGNED by your doctor!! Click Here for forms

Band Camp is Coming!!  Band Camp is Coming!! Click here for postcard

Yes, Shark Fans!  Band Camp starts Tuesday, August 2nd at 8am (Leadership need to report on Monday, August 1st.)

And when we say 8am – we mean ready to go by 8am!  Not rolling into the parking lot at 8:05, or strolling up to the Band Room at 8:10.  You must be prompt!  Please see the attached Post Card with more information!

On Tuesday, August 2nd, we will have volunteers checking in the students and collecting all the forms (Payment is due during Uniform Fitting!)  Please Note:  The lines will be long!!  We have nearly 400 students to process so make sure your student’s paperwork is complete and allow plenty of time!  We will start checking the paperwork at 7:30am!!

ParentsPlease see that your student starts exercising in the heat NOW!!  It is imperative that all students get a good night’s rest, eat a good breakfast and hydrate in advance.  Please send your student to camp with a good lunch and a refillable water bottle. Don’t forget sneakers, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.  They will be outside, and it will be hot!!!  Please wear comfortable clothing!  Again IT WILL BE HOT!

Got Questions????  Feel Free to email or

 Wait  . . . . . . There’s more!


We have an amazing Band, amazing students and amazing instructors – but without our amazing parent volunteers . . . well, there’s a lot that just wouldn’t happen.  So we need YOU to volunteer!!  If you are already a CCPS volunteer, please check out our Website and sign up to help!  Most of our Fall Events are already posted and many of you have signed up!!  Thank YOU!!  But we have many open spaces!!!  This is a GREAT WAY to meet other Band Parents and make new friends and see old friends!!  Please sign up today!!

Instructor Lunches – To show our appreciation to the ladies and gentlemen who are out there in the heat teaching our students during band camp, we have always provided lunch.  This could be lunch for 8-12 people.   If you are interested in this great offering, but need more information, please contact Cori or Liz – we’d be glad to answer any questions!

Band Family Cook OutCome On you Masters of the Grill!!!  We need your skill to grill for our Annual Band Family Cook Out after the Band Camp performance on Friday, August 12th.  Check out the Website for available jobs!!

 Mandatory Volunteer Meeting – Tuesday, August 9th at 7pm in the Band Room.  

Be There or Get eaten by a Shark!

Almost done . . . .Fundraising

The Bigger and Better we are – The more we Cost!  Ain’t that the truth!

We have several fundraising opportunities – and we consider them opportunities because the more money we raise through fundraising, they less money we have to pay out of our pockets!  We work very hard to keep our Band Fees low – and that is good for everyone!

Fundraising for the Fall:

Coupon Books – Fair Share Program – details will be given out during Band Camp

Alumni Night – NEW! – This is a great chance to bring back old friends!!  Sept 9th –             Homecoming!!          Registration deadline – 8/31/16.  Click here for form

Sharkettes –       October 21st – This is a Band Favorite!!  For all little girls K – 8th Grade.  (Student Share – 50% goes to the Student!)  Click here for form

Banners – This is our 2nd year, and already we’ve surpassed last year!  Sales forms are available on the Website.  For EVERY Banner your Student sells – $100 will go to their Student Account!  Click here for letter.  Click here for form

Tervis Tumblers –  Every Household needs at least 2 of these!!!  And they aren’t just for Band Families!  All GCHS Families should have them!!!  Please see the Fundraising Table during Uniform Fitting!

Looking forward to a great year!!

Volunteers Needed!

6 Jul

Hello Awesome Shark Parents!

I know you are saying it’s only July! Hold onto your hats folks Band Camp is just 3 very short weeks away!  We have a lot going on during band camp and I need VOLUNTEERS.  Please click the link here and sign up or shoot me an email letting me know you can assist.  In order to help you must have a current CCPS Volunteer badge level 1 or 2.

We need people to assist for the following:
Band camp check in – 8/1, 8/2 & 8/3
Band camp in general – help organize things and monitor sick kids etc.
Band camp lunches – provide lunch for all of our wonderful instructor, message me for details
Uniform fitting night/day – Thursday 8/4 5:30 – 9PM and Saturday 8/6 10:30am – 3PM.
Family picnic – Friday 8/12 immediately following the band show but we do need people to set-up and help cook prior to the show.

Uniform fitting night/day is one of our busiest events.  We need at a minimum 35 people to assist each day.  Thursday is for Seniors & Juniors ONLY and Saturday is for all other students.  We have lots of stations that need to be manned and a ton of information to disseminate to the parents.

Thank you for your assistance!

Liz Carroll –
Vice President Band Aid Club
Volunteer Coordinator

Deep Freezer, Flag/Dance rehearsal, Forms Collection

18 Jun

Hello Shark fans,

We have been notified by that school that as they do maintenance over the summer the power will be turned off to buildings for long periods of time.  We have some items that remain in the freezer in the concession stand.  We are looking for a parent or parents who have a deep freezer that would be able to store these items for us over the summer.  Please contact Liz Carroll or Cori Olayos if you can help us out.

Reminder that Flag and Dance have rehearsal Tuesday, June 21 5:30 – 8PM.  Please meet in the band room.

All band members are required to fill out new forms.  We will be collecting your band forms on the following evenings.  We can also accept your band fee payment at these times.  Avoid the long lines on the 1st day of camp by turning everything in early.  Click Here to access the forms.

Tuesday, June 21, 5:30 – 8PM
Tuesday, July 12, 5:30 – 8PM
Tuesday, July 26, 5:30  – 8PM

We are still looking for lots of volunteers for band camp.  Click here to see the volunteer opportunities.

Thank you!

2016/17 Fundraising Opportunities

8 Jun

Hello Shark fans,

Time to start looking towards the 2016 Marching Band show and the 2017 concert season.  Many of the things we do cost money.  So here are some fundraising opportunities that you can start selling now.

Sharkettes – This is a student share – for every child you sign up you get $25. deposited into your band account.  Click the form for details and print as needed:  Sharkette Flyer and Registration Form 2016

1st Annual Alumni Night – Spread the word.  We would love to see lots of GCHS Band Alumni come out and march and dance the half time show with us.  You’ll be playing your favorites.  Click the form for details and print as needed:  2016 Alumni Registration Form

Stadium Banners – This is a student share – $100 for every banner you sell gets deposited into your student account.  This fundraiser is open to all fall athletics as well so get out there and sell early.  Click the forms for details and print as needed:  Band Banner Letter    Band Banner Submission Form

Please contact the fundraising committee if you have any questions.

Lorraine Rivera – Fundraising Chair
Cori Olayos – President Band Boosters
Liz Carroll – 1st Vice President
Davina Clark – 2nd Vice President
Carolyn Bradtmiller – Secretary

2016-17 Ensemble Results

3 Jun

Congratulations to all members of the Gulf Coast High School Band!  As we finalize our school year please take a minute this week and share with somebody your accomplishments.  Too often people get tied up in the day-to-day monotony that they forget to take a step back and realize how far they have come.  I hope you are all as excited about next school year as the staff is.  And now the 2016-2017 Ensemble Listings